I joined Jon Acuff and friends with his Empty Shelf Challenge in 2014. It has been so fun! I’m a big reader, but it’s fun to see what other people are reading, too. I also loved giving away a bunch of books to people when I cleaned off my shelf. You can check out his Pinterest board […]

I am excited to switch up the podcast somewhat in 2014.  I will still have amazing interviews with people who are living differently, but for the next few episodes, I will be sharing more of me. I will be talking about how to make a difference right where you are. I will also be sharing how to […]

Ryan Eller joins me on the podcast today. His enthusiasm is contagious! He loves giving hope to dreamers and challenging leaders to step up and live a life of intention. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and team builder. On this episode, we talk about: Why living with intention is so important Greatness is an act. […]

    Amy Campbell joins me on the podcast today. She is also known as My Resume Lady, and helps people maximize their strengths. She is passionate about helping people become thought leaders in their industry, and representing themselves well. On this episode, we talk about: We can build our brand in every interaction we […]

  I really enjoyed interviewing Jeff Brown on today’s episode. He is the host of the Read to Lead podcast. His podcast is based on the belief that intentional and consistent reading is key to success in business and life. On this episode, we talk about: How reading a book a week led him to start his […]