Today, I start a new adventure. It will be different from one I’ve been on before. In the past, I’ve started new adventures that meant more money, or an advancement in title, or even a new location. This time is different for many reasons. It’s been a change I’ve been sensing for several years. I wanted […]

Podcast: Play in new window | Download I’m continuing my series about dreaming, and sharing more of my story. On this episode, we talk about: Working on yourself It looks different for everyone Learning who you are is so important The value of the Strengths Finder My Strengths Finder results were: Developer, Belief, Ideation, Individualization, […]

This is my sixth book for 2014, as a part of the Empty Shelf Challenge. You can read my first two posts here and here. My sixth book was Run Home and Take a Bow by Ethan Bryan. I met Ethan through an online group that we have been a part of for several months. […]

Podcast: Play in new window | Download   I’m continuing the series with me! I’m sharing the lessons I’ve learned through dreaming and making a difference right where you are. On this episode, we’ll talk about: Being frustrated with not knowing what your dream is Learning from others, but not comparing yourself to them Experimenting is fun. […]