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Season 2, Episode 9: The “I Don’t Know” Trap

Right Where You AreSeason 2 Episode 9 The _I Don't Know” Trap

On this episode, we talk about how damaging the phrase “I don’t know” is. We have a hard time making decisions, and it holds us back from being who we truly are.

We get stuck in indecision, and it is not helping us be who we are truly designed to be. I share about my journey and what has helped me take the next steps forward and stop saying “I don’t know.”

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Season 2, Episode 8: You Can’t Hate Yourself ______

you Can'thate Yourself________

On this episode, we talk about how we often find ourselves being incredibly mean to ourselves. Hating ourselves, actually. And guess what? We can’t hate ourselves ________. Whatever it is for you. For me, it’s “I can’t hate myself thin.” For you, you can fill in the blank with whatever that word is for you.

You cannot  be fully YOU when you hate yourself. You cannot bring whatever you are designed to bring to the world when you hate yourself.  It’s not possible.

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Season 2, Episode 7: Feelings

Right Where You AreSeason 2, Episode 7

On this episode, we talk about the importance of feeling our feelings. And learning how our thoughts impact our feelings. Learning to understand this has been life changing for me. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

How can you FEEL your feelings today?

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Season 2, Episode 6: Stop Fighting Yourself

Right Where You Are PodcastSeason 2, Episode 6Stop Fighting Yourself

On this episode, we talk about learning to be more gracious and loving towards yourself. This is a concept that can be difficult to understand, as it is counter-cultural. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Season 2, Episode 5: Choices


Today, we are talking about choices. We always have them, whether we think we do or not.

We talk about how no matter what happens to us, we always have a choice in how we think about it. Our thoughts really do determine our perspective on everything.

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Have an awesome day! I’m thankful for you!

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