Today, I have the honor of being a guest on Clay Shaver’s podcast, Remodeling Clay. If you’re visiting from his site, welcome! I look forward to connecting with you. You can check out the episode here. Be sure to check out some of Clay’s other episodes. He talks about losing weight, being healthy, and remodeling […]

Matt Ham joins me on the podcast today.  He is a successful business owner, husband, father, writer and speaker, and he is learning to redefine what it means to be rich. On this episode, we talk about: What it means to be rich? There’s an internal draw to the natural comparison trap  Asking yourself “What […]

Episode #50!! I can’t believe it. Time has flown, and I have had an absolute blast with the first fifty episodes. I am so thankful for all of the guests who were willing to take time to be on the show, and I cannot thank you, my listeners, enough. As I thought about what to […]

Chris LoCurto joins me on the podcast today. I have been inspired by Chris for many years, and love his messages of hope, inspiration and leadership. Chris is an entrepreneur, speaker, and helps people find the life and business they want. On this episode, we talk about: How it took him 3 years to prepare to leave Dave […]

When I started this blog almost three years ago, I had absolutely no idea where it would lead. I had no idea that I would interact with so many amazing people from all over the country. I had no idea that I would form friendships with people. I had no idea that I would be […]