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Scott Hodge on Art, Creativity, and Strategic Readiness {Podcast Episode #03}



I am so excited to introduce you to my friend and pastor, Scott Hodge. He and his wife Amanda have been huge influences on my life, and I am so thankful for them.

Scott is an artist, pastor, activist and writer. He loves to travel, he loves art, and he is passionate about rehumanizing our world through creativity, sensitivity and imagination.

In this episode, we will talk about:

  • Waking up the inner artist in all of us
  • Artistry as a way of life
  • You cannot create without tension
  • Ambiguity, and how it can help us grow
  • Strategic readiness vs. strategic planning
  • Learning to live in tension


You can find Scott here:



The Orchard Community

The New Artists series – week 1

I’d love to hear your comments or thoughts about the episode.



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Tom Reber on Motoring away from Mediocrity – {Podcast Episode #2}



Welcome to Episode 2 of Right Where You Are. I am continually inspired by my friend, Tom Reber. Tom is the CEO of Motor, a speaker, coach, and former U.S. Marine. He joins me on the show today, and I am confident his story will fill you with hope and excitement.

On this episode, we will talk about:

  • The Motor mindset. What is it?
  • Starting with one
  • The reoccurring themes in your life that you need to stop ignoring
  • It’s okay to not know where you are going at first
  • We sabotage ourselves by holding back our passion for something.
  • We’re not supposed to be miserable!

You can find Tom here:



You can pick up his new book, Foundations: The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Dominating the Competition & Building a Championship Business for free by subscribing to his blog. Not only will you get great, helpful emails, but you will also get a copy of the book by clicking here.


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I would love to hear what you took away from this episode. Share in the comments below!




Right Where You Are Introduction {Podcast Episode #01}

tammyhelfrich_right where you are


I am so excited to share the first episode of my brand new podcast, Right Where You Are. This has been something that I have been wanting to do, and has really pushed me completely out of my comfort zone. It has been so fun, though!

In this first episode, I will share a little about me, as well as my vision for this podcast. I am excited to connect with you, and hear your feedback.

I definitely want you to know that you can make a difference, right where you are!


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How can you make a difference today…….


It’s going to be messy

Courage always gets you dirty. You have to be in the middle of the action to create action. ~ Dave Ramsey

Many of us prefer to be clean. We like manicured lawns, and tidy homes. We don’t like messes, and we don’t like to be dirty. Clean, polished, and put together. That’s what so many people prefer. Even if it’s only on the surface. Even if it’s only a façade.

I’ll be honest. That’s what I have wanted for a long time in many areas of my life, too. But do you know what I am learning?

Life is messy!

If you are honest, you have likely realized that perfection is a myth. Yes, we strive for it sometimes. But, honestly, it doesn’t exist.

I believe many of us are afraid of being messy. It’s hard work. It’s often difficult to take time to get to know someone and learn about their mess. Heck, it’s hard to deal with our own messes! Sometimes that mess is in our heads. Other times, it is very real. It could be our marriage, an addiction, family relationships or a past we can’t let go of.

Why do we shy away from getting dirty and actually doing the work?

Because it’s hard work.

It’s much easier to pretend that everything is okay.

To live in the safe world of denial.

When we fail to see our own messes, we are blinded to the hurt in others. Have you ever thought about that? How can we possibly help others through their messes when we do not admit or deal with our own mess?

But courage is something different. Courage says, “let’s get dirty.” Let’s start something. Let’s create some action!

Where have you had the courage to get messy? Share in the comments.


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