I have been on a journey over the last year that has helped me realize something about myself. I love to write. With the help of people like Jeff Goins, I have even learned to say, “I am a writer.” And I actually believe it! It has been quite an incredible journey. It’s been […]

I have had the honor of being on Mary DeMuth’s book launch team for her new book, Everything. This was the third book of Mary’s that I have read, and her writing really speaks to me. She is so honest and it feels like you are having a conversation with her. The launch team was […]

You’ve heard the claims. Do ______ and you’ll have the perfect marriage. Your husband will love you. You will be blissfully happy. Guess what? I don’t believe there is one answer that works for everyone. I think there are very important ingredients to a successful marriage. For example, I’ve learned that love and respect are […]

“My deepest belief is that to live as if we’re dying can set us free.”  Anne Lamott Thinking about things like this quote used to scare me. Why would I want to think about dying? I’m too young for that. Does this quote evoke an emotion in you? If you’ve been fortunate and have not lost many […]

I am linking up for the first time with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday. It’s a time where we write for five minutes without worrying about editing, overthinking, etc. Today’s topic is Race. Feel free to join us! When did life become a race? We are constantly “busy”, going from one thing to the next. […]