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Learning to Harvest Effort

Photo credit: Creative Commons (Robert Photographics)

Photo credit: Creative Commons (Robert Photographics)

I just finished reading Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden. I have heard him speak on multiple podcast episodes, and really like his concept of working hard to chase your dream and realizing that it won’t be easy.

One section really stuck out to me, as it is something I see happen to so many well-intentioned people, including me. Here are a few quotes.

“Improving your self discipline, then, happens not only from creating a good schedule but also from learning to recover from getting off schedule.”

“Too many people get upset or discouraged because they focus on results that are not within their control. In other words, they let their sense of self-worth be defined by outcomes rather than effort, so that when they don’t experience overnight success, or they get off track, they start to disregard their schedule.”

“Part of adopting the Take the Stairs mind-set is learning to take pride in controlling the activities that are within your power and to let go of the worry and fear attached to the results that are not.”

“You always get paid for how hard you work, but it’s not always right away.”

“Get relentless about putting your self-esteem into your work habits instead of your results.”

“Stay focused on initiating a harvest season of work habits.”

Wow. Wasn’t that great advice? I have already shared it with multiple people this week in discussions about being frustrated. We all tend to get stuck in wanting our success to happen overnight. We get stuck in the comparison trap and forget how we have been disciplined and making slow but steady progress.

My encouragement for you today is to take some time to celebrate the harvest of good work habits that you have been following. Have you been exercising more regularly? Getting up early to write? Spending more intentional time with your family?

Celebrate that, and know that steady and consistent work habits will always pay off in the end.

Have you ever been frustrated what appeared to be a lack of results? How did you overcome?

Matt McWilliams on The Power of Continual Learning {Podcast Episode #15}


Matt McWilliams joins me on the podcast today. Matt is an entrepreneur, author, and consultant. He is passionate about writing and sharing his ideas with others. He loves leadership, marketing, and learning from mistakes.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • How you can make a difference regardless of what you are doing
  • The Thank You Revolution
  • Failing Forward
  • Making sure your failure moves you to something else
  • Have a mindset of continual learning
  • Belief is the genesis of everything
  • Talk to yourself instead of listening to yourself
  • Identify what matters most and do more of that. Start something!

What did you enjoy most about this episode?

You can find Matt on his website and Twitter. Tweet at him and let him know what you enjoyed.

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Brian Basilico on It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon {Podcast Episode #14}


I am excited to introduce you to my friend, Brian Basilico. Brian is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is incredibly helpful and inspiring. He help his clients understand their brand and increase their social media presence.

His new book, It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon is a “why-to” book on social networking. He talks about why relationships are golden for you and your business.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How to become more memorable
  • Understanding the concepts of know, like, and trust
  • How your customers see you
  • How important your personal brand is
  • Focusing on your WHY instead of HOW
  • The importance of networking

What stuck out to you about this episode?

You can find Brian on Twitter, Facebook, and his website.

You can find the 100/0 Principle book here.

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Bob Goff on What We are Made to Do {Podcast Episode #13}

Bob Goff and me

With Bob Goff!

I absolutely loved interviewing Bob Goff for this episode. I had the privilege of meeting him in person last fall at the Story conference. He definitely makes you feel like you have known him all of your life in a short time.

His book, Love Does, had an incredible impact on me. I bought more copies (and gave them away) than any other book in my life. He really captures his whimsy and energy in the book.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • If you just want facts, watch the Discovery channel
  • Instead of thinking about what you are able to do, find out what you were MADE to do. Then go do a bunch of that!
  • Bob’s version of planning is whatever he can write on a barf bag
  • Move towards people
  • Don’t expect other people to live exactly as you do
  • Be more available to people

You can find Bob here:



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Why is Finding Your Dream so hard?



We have decided we want to live differently. We’re learning to dream again. We’re remembering that there is SO much more to life than being ordinary.

But many of us don’t have a defined dream. We have no idea where to start or how to figure it out.

I have been there. It’s taken a while of walking through living differently in order for me to start seeing patterns emerging.

That’s why I hosted a Find Your Dream webinar with my friend, Jim Woods. We know that you are made for something amazing, and we want to help you start putting some of those pieces together.

Here is the link to the recording! We had some trouble recording the very beginning, but you only missed the introductions. Enjoy!


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