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START letting us celebrate with you



You’ve seen me blog about this book before. It has been an exciting journey to watch the people who are embracing this simple concept of starting on their dreams. I have the privilege of taking part in The Start Experiment with Jon and 2500+ other people. Yes, there are that many people in a private Facebook group. No, there is no possible way to keep up with all of the awesome ideas and what starters are doing. We have split up into groups of 24, which is really fun.

I am always encouraged by the stories of people living differently. It fires me up!!! I see so much of that happening in this group. I see people who are where I was more than two years ago. They are just learning to dream again, and their mind is blown wide open with opportunity.  But they are still fearful, and learning to walk through that.

I see people who have been living awesome for a long time, and are helping guide others, as well as everyone in between. I see community formed from people who were strangers. And that is powerful!

So, today, as I often do, I’d love to hear from you, whether you are taking part in the Start Experience or not.

What are you excited about? What can we celebrate with you? How can I encourage you?

START now!


Need some inspiration?

Check out this great video from Steve Moakler. It has continued to encourage me this week, and I hope it will encourage you to keep taking steps forward.






Such a great reminder!

Jeremy Statton on Living A Better Story {Podcast Episode #05}



Jeremy Statton joins me today on the podcast. He is a surgeon, husband, father of six (yes, you read that right!), writer, and an incredibly inspiring person.

We talk about:

  • Living with intention to live a better story
  • “The point of life isn’t to arrive at death safely.” Christine Caine
  • We all have challenges
  • Real love is continuing to show up, even when it is not reciprocated
  • We’re all busy. It’s about how we choose to spend our time
  • Quitting stuff that doesn’t matter, so you can do things that do matter
  • Daily choices and the little things really matter
  • The Stattons’ next big adventure
  • Do something you’re scared of

You can find Jeremy here:




I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode. I’d also be incredibly honored if you’d leave your honest review on iTunes.





Did you miss it?

Beauty is all around us.

But, sometimes it is hidden in things we don’t expect.


Maybe it looks like a weed.

But did you really look at it?

Did you get close to it?

When you get close to it, you may be surprised to see the beauty.


The beauty was always there.

We just chose not to see it. We ignored it, because we thought it was something unwanted and ugly.

Beauty is all around us every day.

In our home, in our neighborhood, in our workplace, and in nature.

Will we choose to see it?

Or will we continue to keep missing it?

Music that speaks to your heart

Music soothes my soul. There is just something about the combination of words and music that flow together that shoots straight to my heart.

I first heard Steve Moakler at Jon Acuff’s Start night after party in February. Wow. My husband and I just looked at each other and said, “He is really good!” Of course, it helped that one of his songs talks about cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers. That will make Rick instantly like anyone! :)


Photo courtesy of stevemoakler.com

We also had the opportunity to see him in a private recording session with about 50 other people in May. What a cool experience that was! After the session, they sent us the recording, and it included songs that he has not released yet. One of those is titled “Riser.” I loved it the first time I heard it in February, and had been searching for a recording of it. He wrote it with a friend who has been through a war and faced hard times, but continues to fight and get back up. I love that aspect of the song, as I think we can all use encouragement to keep fighting when the going gets tough, and keep on rising.

But, this week, I listened to the song and heard a part I had missed before. It spoke to me because it describes me. I didn’t always know this about myself, and have really come to understand and believe it over the last few years. Here are the lyrics.

I’m a try-er

I’m a get down low so I can lift you higher

An army couldn’t keep down my desire

Oh no, I’m a riser

I know now who I am. I am an encourager. I have the ability to lift people up. I thrive on helping others. And as much as I have tried to push that desire down for a long time, an army can no longer keep it down. Something has changed in me, and I know that I am called to do this. It is so freeing to try new things and know that I am living with purpose.

Here’s the chorus of the song as well. The lyrics are so powerful.

I’m a riser

I’m a get up off the ground, don’t run and hider

When pushing comes to shove, man, I’m a fighter

When darkness hits the town, I’m a lighter

Get out alive-r

Of the fire


You can download Steve’s albums on iTunes. And, a little birdie told me that you will be able to catch him at the Start event in Nashville in September, too. :)

He also has a nonprofit titled Free the Birds, which funds freedom and restoration for women and children who have been exploited by human sex trafficking.

I’d love to hear how music speaks to you. Do you have a song that has been resonating with you lately? I’d love to check it out.


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