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Stu McLaren on The Ripple Effect of Community {Podcast Episode #11}



Stu McLaren joins me on the podcast today. Stu is the founder of Wishlist Member. He is incredibly inspiring, and so humble. His words are very encouraging, and I am excited to hear what you take away from this episode.

On this episode we talk about:

  • Focus on the ONE person you can impact
  • There is a big ripple effect when in community
  • Listen to your gut instinct
  • Make something out of nothing
  • Take a step in a direction
  • Start with your interest, and explore it a little deeper
  • There is a far greater risk in NOT doing anything than taking the first step
  • Don’t get discouraged. SOMEONE has a passion for what you do
  • When I learn from others, it helps me get better
  • When you have good people, do whatever you can to keep them

You can check out his Fear post here. You can find Stu on his website or on Twitter.

You can find the Wishlist Members he referenced here:

Stronger Families




There was so much wisdom in Stu’s words. What stuck out to you?


John Crist on Doing the Work {Podcast Episode #10}



I loved hosting John Crist on the podcast. He literally cracks me up! I love his story of doing the hard work, putting in countless hours, and constantly improving his craft.

I met him at Start night in Nashville earlier this year, and he has inspired me with his work ethic and willingness to continually ask for feedback. John travels all over the country, and you can check out his tour schedule here. You will not regret catching one of his shows.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Take a risk and do something now to help you step towards your dream
  • We are our biggest obstacles
  • Once you get constructive feedback from people you don’t know, you will know you’re on the right track
  • If your purpose is bigger than anyone’s hate for you, you’re all set
  • If John can still bomb jokes when he does this for a living, it should be encouraging to everyone
  • It’s about giving laughs, not getting laughs
  • If you take yourself out of the equation and make it about others, you win
  • When you do something terrible, follow it up with something that works
  • The barriers to entry are ridiculously low. Start tonight!
  • We are all in this together. Let’s support each other!

You can find John on his website here or on Twitter here. Check out this video.

I’d be incredibly honored if you’d leave your honest review on iTunes.

What stuck out from John’s interview? Share in the comments.





Soak it in

I’ve starting walking consistently again for the last few weeks. I love the outdoors, and am thankful for walking paths nearby that help me enjoy nature while exercising. As I walk, I love to keep my eyes open for beauty that is all around me.

Beauty that I used to walk right past. It wasn’t always intentional. I was either busy or just not paying attention. I am really working to change that.

I am learning to be more present.

I am learning to notice the little details in life. Like this.




Flowers that look like hearts!

And similar flowers that open up and look like snowflakes and fireworks.




And I am reminded to soak it in.

Stop walking for a minute.

Breathe in.

Capture the beauty.

Wherever I am.

How can you be more present today? How can you really see beauty around you?


Darrell Vesterfelt on Giving People Permission to Live their Best Life {Podcast Episode #09}


Darrell Vesterfelt joins me on the podcast today. Darrell and his wife Alli started Prodigal Magazine. They are incredibly inspirational in the way that they live their lives with intention and without fear. He believes we are all telling a story with our life, whether we mean to or not.

He is the author of the book, Unblogger, which you can get for free when subscribing to his blog. It is his story of how he learned he was blogging for the wrong reasons. It is thoughtful and insightful.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Writing won’t make you a good character in your own story
  • You need to be willing to engage in conflict
  • We have one life to live
  • Living in fear is already the worst case scenario
  • We have a responsibility to live the life we were made to live
  • If you aren’t making mistakes, you’re probably playing it too safe

You can connect with him on his blog or on Twitter.

You can also find out more about Thistle Farms here.

We were all made to make a difference. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode.

Jeff Goins on Enjoying the In-Between {Podcast Episode #08}


I’m excited to welcome Jeff Goins to the podcast today. Jeff has been an inspiration to me, and helped me to call myself a writer. His new book, The In-Between is releasing today. I’m giving away two copies to listeners. To be entered to win, please leave a comment below.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • How fear prevents us from doing things we are called to do
  • “Art is never finished. It’s abandoned.” Leonardo DaVinci
  • We can’t write for perfection. It doesn’t exist.
  • Tension is a good thing, but we can’t let it beat us and keep us from creating.
  • Look for sign posts along your journey. They are there!
  • The world needs you to ACT on your dreams.
  • What is enough for you?
  • “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” Annie Dillard

Jeff’s new book is titled The In-Between. Check it out!

You can follow Jeff here.

You can leave a review on iTunes here.


What stuck out to you in this episode? Share in the comments below.

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