I am participating in Jon Acuff’s Empty Shelf challenge. I am an avid reader, so I love the idea of joining in with others to focus on reading more in 2014. My bigger challenge was clearing the space to have an empty shelf. But, that’s when I got an idea. I LOVE to share inspiring books, […]

2013 was a good year.   I learned so much, and took some pretty big steps out of my comfort zone. I continue to learn how much fun that can be, and how much I grow when I choose to do something that makes me uncomfortable. I met some incredible people this year. People who […]

2013 is almost over. On the last weekend of the year, our church decided to do something different. We’ve cancelled all services, and we’re staying home. It’s a great way to give our staff, leaders, and volunteers a break. We recognize that rest is important, and I love that they recognize and encourage it. I […]

Today would have been my dad’s 81st birthday. It’s crazy to think that he only got to see 53 short years on this earth. There used to be so many things I wanted to say to my dad. Things I wish I could go back and un-say. Thoughts I wish I had been able to […]

I was very excited to hear about Robert D. Smith’s new book, No Brand is an Island. I know the importance of a good brand, as well as having good people around you. I was interested in hearing Robert’s perspective, as I knew he would have some excellent advice. Here’s how Robert describes his new book: If […]