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Self-Sabotage {Podcast Episode #79}

self sabotage


Today, we are talking about self-sabotage and how it impacts us. I get vulnerable and talk about my own realizations of self-sabotage and what I am learning about it.

  • How I recognized self-sabotage in my own life
  • What I feel like it is stopping me from
  • My need for control and how it was impacting me
  • The importance of observing yourself
  • How you can move past this
  • What can happen if you no longer allow it to be used as an excuse

I’d love to hear your experience.

Have you recognized when you are self-sabotaging? What would happen if you stopped?



Camilla Kragius on Financial Freedom {Podcast Episode #78}



Camilla Kragius joins me on the podcast today. She is passionate about helping people leave the rat race and get off the hamster wheel. She is full of energy and loves to help people change their life.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Her love of helping people understand their finances
  • Nobody sees the hamster wheel coming
  • You have to be intentional about making changes
  • Not waiting until you are forced to make a change
  • Savings accounts = financial freedom accounts
  • Her new book, How to Get out of Debt: Living Paycheck to Paycheck
  • You have a much greater chance of pursuing your dreams when you are out of debt
  • It is simple to get out of debt when you have the right tools
  • Get out of Debt Exhaustion syndrome
  • Create a budget that includes fun
  • It’s okay to move the finish line if you if you need to
  • Her coaching packages are affordable and helpful
  • Do you really hate your job or is your job the wrong fit for you?
  • What’s the worst that can happen?
  • Know your WHY
  • Her love for the outdoors
  • Feeling stuck is a feeling, not reality
  • You’re free to do anything you want
  • What do you want to do with your life?
  • You have to work for your dream life
  • Learn from people who are doing what you want to do
  • Our own self-limiting beliefs stop us from doing what we want
  • You have a choice to brighten up someone’s day
  • Be generous with your knowledge
  • When you give of yourself, you make a difference right where you are
  • If your true passion is to help someone, you are generous with your information
  • There’s something you can do today that will make a difference to someone

You can learn more about Camilla on her website. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Also, you can preorder her new book: 37 Days of Different.

What did you like about this episode? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



Willie Morris on The Power of Positive Impact {Podcast Episode #77}



Willie Morris joins me on the podcast today. He is the founder of Faithbox and has an incredible story.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • His own faith journey and wrestling with it
  • Seeing people’s humanities
  • Recognizing God in the every day and nature
  • Realizing that everyone’s journey is different
  • You never know the impact you are making on people by how you live your life
  • How Faithbox got started
  • How they partner with socially responsible companies
  • Their partnership with Rice Bowls
  • How many wins can they stack up for big positive impact
  • The hardest part is always the first leap of faith step
  • He was surprised at the personal impact it has had
  • How giving back has impacted him
  • What is my legacy going to be?
  • What are some small steps you can take towards the bigger goal
  • Small steps won’t seem like roadblocks anymore
  • Outside curators who are helping with upcoming monthly boxes


You can learn more at the website, Twitter, and Facebook. You can find Willie on Twitter as well.

What is a small step you can take today?

Ronne Rock on Owning Your Purpose Part 2 {Podcast Episode #76}


Today, we continue the conversation with Ronne Rock. If you missed part one on Episode #75, stop now and go back and listen to it. Ronne gave incredible advice about owning your purpose and living intentionally.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Her love of kitchen therapy and how it is a delightful diversion
  • Being passionate about stories, redemption and hope harkens back from the one place in her life that was safe; the kitchen
  • The kitchen was a place where a lot of screaming didn’t take place
  • The one place her mom felt most valued and beautiful was in the kitchen
  • Over a meal, walls are torn down
  • Something happens in the act of cooking and serving and sitting at a table
  • We feel known at a table
  • Lighten up. Give yourself a break.
  • Step away from the tactical things, and look for the qualities and gifts within you
  • What is it that you actually love?
  • What things are life giving to you?
  • It may be me. It may not be my situation.
  • What is it in me that might need to change to relook at my situation?
  • What are the possibilities?
  • Her “terrociting” news :)
  • Looking for the stories all around us that we don’t always notice
  • Ronne is writing a book!!!
  • Every week, she is taking a step
  • She is writing stories of women
  • I’m going to do good with my hands and I’m going to do good with my heart and fight for what’s right
  • The women in her book range in age from 16 to 73
  • The title of the book is called ‘Building Eden’
  • It’s about stories of redemption and restoration
  • One person’s story will spark something in someone else
  • God is all about new
  • We can live the life we are supposed to be living right now

You can read more of Ronne’s work on her website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Changing my view


What does it mean to you?

Do you even think about it?

Do you appreciate it?

Do you take it for granted?

I know I do.

And I’m about to have an experience that will most likely change how I view it forever.

Next week, I will travel to Haiti for the first time.

bucketsI cannot wait to experience first hand the amazing work that our friends Bill and Renee Plaza have been investing in. They have fallen in love with this country and are using their retirement to make a difference to so many people through clean water initiatives.

I have no idea how distributing 500 clean water filtration systems in the remote mountains of Haiti will impact me. I just know that it will.  And I can’t wait to share it with you when I return.

I’ll be sharing updates on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook when I can, and would love to have you follow along.

Have you ever been on a trip that changed your view of something forever? I’d love to hear!











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