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LaunchOut: One Question {Podcast Episode #86}

launchout   This episode is really fun for me. I just returned from a conferenced called Launch Out in Nashville last week. It was an incredible event about launching your dream and being encouraged as others shared their journey.

Rather than attempt to have multiple people on the show during the conference, which just wasn’t possible, I asked people a question.

“Do you think there is a difference between starting and launching?”

I loved the variety of answers. The audio isn’t great, but I think you will enjoy hearing from so many different perspectives.  I’m including a link to the person as they speak so you can check out their great work.

Amy Campbell

Amy Latta

Brett Smith

Brian Drinkwine

Carla Mussara-Leonard

Casey Lewis

Christa Newell

Clay Shaver

Combat Clark

Corie Clark

David Dollar

David Mike

Ebonita Sonnetbird

Emily Carlton

Heather Cloudt

Heidi Kleine

Jane Tuttle

Jennifer Kaufman

Jerrod Murr

Juliann Rager

Julie Reising

Kelley Coleman

Kelsey Humphreys

Kimberli Nelson

Kristin Fleck

Kyle Price

Laura Gutknecht

Libby Norcross

Liz Clark

Matt Ham

May Bohon

Michele Clark

Mike Lane

Mike Loomis

Ralph Edwards

Randy Langley

Ronne Rock

Ronei Harden

Tami Romani

Wes Hammons

If you’re interested in watching the videos of the speakers from Launch Out, check out the YouTube channel here. My talk can also be found here.

I’d love to hear from you. How would you answer the question? Share in the comments below.


What Happened on my Juice Fast {Podcast Episode #85}


I recently completed a juice fast. My goal was to make it for three days. I made it and kept going. Find out all about my experience on this episode of Right Where You Are.

You’ll also hear from my friend Amy Latta about her juicing experience.

Let us know what you liked about this episode in the comments below.

Lisa Anderson on Grace’s Table {Podcast Episode #84}

lisa anderson

Lisa Anderson joins me on the podcast today. Her story is amazing and really inspires me. On this episode, we talk about:

  • Her personal journey of being a teen mom
  • “There’s something that I will need to do in the future to help teen moms”
  • The lack of emotional support she experienced
  • How she worked through her own pride
  • At that time in my life, I wasn’t equipped, but my passion was still real
  • Looking at herself and diving deep
  • What does the future look like for me when my nest is empty?
  • Invite community into the space of working on yourself
  • The story of Grace’s Table
  • Housing and education were important aspects of the foundation
  • How she began opening her home on Friday nights
  • If one life is changed, it is worth it
  • Removing barriers to reach the moms
  • Growing and learning in the process
  • We need community
  • How inviting people into the process is so important
  • Where are you at in your life right now? Do you have enough margin?
  • Be selective about who you invite into the process of your dream
  • Sometimes our idea just needs time to grow
  • Their GoFundMe campaign

You can follow Lisa and Grace’s Table on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

What did you like about this episode? We’d love to hear!

What One Word Can Do

At the beginning of 2015, I chose a word for the year. A word to set my intention of what I wanted to focus on.



HEALTHY is my word. You can read about why I chose it here. Many of you know that I’ve been on a journey to be healthy since the beginning of 2014. It is definitely a journey and has been filled with ups and downs and twists and turns. I have learned so much about myself and why I really want to get healthy. But this year has been pretty significant in terms of truly understanding things that have been holding me back.

I’ve been diving deep into inner work. I’ve been looking at how I have been self-sabotaging, the fears and beliefs behind what I am really thinking about getting healthy, and excuses I’ve been holding on to. Whoa! If you’ve ever done some serious inner work, you know that it can be really hard and also so LIBERATING and freeing.  I am looking at this journey of getting healthy in an entirely new light because I’m recognizing patterns and beliefs that have been holding me back. This is life changing stuff. I also am not just focused on physical health. I’m including relationships and boundaries and decisions in this journey to be healthier. It has been so enlightening!

One thing I know is that I would never have done any of this work if I had not focused on this one word. This one word has opened up an entirely new perspective and I feel like I am unleashing a part of myself that has been hidden for a long time. I am looking forward to continuing to explore this.

Did you focus on one word this year? I’d love to hear how your one word is impacting your decisions and so far in 2015. Share in the comments below.


Ben Thomas on Bring Forth {Podcast Episode #83}


I’m so excited for you to meet my friend Ben Thomas. He is an amazing artist and has some great things to share with us about creating and the process of releasing his new album, Bring Forth.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • His life with music
  • The intersection of what he loves to do and what he gets paid to do
  • The tension of doing what you love while getting paid for it
  • Feeling like you have to be in the right mindset to create
  • Creating is like drawing water from a well
  • Being okay with the season you are in
  • When you ship something, you say “this is something I made and I’m really proud of it”
  • The process of shipping can be like therapy
  • The healthy version of him is centered around action
  • Guilt and shame around not creating during parts of your life
  • Motivating yourself to go beyond our guilt and shame
  • Something deeper and real will come from creating out of our life experiences
  • His process of reimagining hymns
  • The church needs more true art
  • True art is meant to move us and inspire and provoke us and challenge us, and help us see something new inside of us
  • How we are intentional at The Orchard about our space and music
  • How the album reflects creation and co-creating with our Creator
  • We are walking recreators, partnering with God
  • The natural rhythm of DAWN, DAY and DUSK
  • His Kickstarter fundraiser that exceeded his goal in two days
  • The fear of knowing he needed to do the Kickstarter
  • How he worked internally to figure out the hangups that were holding him back
  • How walking through the fear changes you
  • Art moves you
  • Listen to your gut. You have the answer within you
  • When you get addicted to the experiences, it will hijack your art

You can order the movements on Ben’s website. I highly recommend that you check it out! You can also follow Ben on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We’d love to hear what stood out to you from this episode. Leave a comment below, or Tweet at us!



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