Podcast: Play in new window | Download     Amy Campbell joins me on the podcast today. She is also known as My Resume Lady, and helps people maximize their strengths. She is passionate about helping people become thought leaders in their industry, and representing themselves well. On this episode, we talk about: We can […]

Podcast: Play in new window | Download   I really enjoyed interviewing Jeff Brown on today’s episode. He is the host of the Read to Lead podcast. His podcast is based on the belief that intentional and consistent reading is key to success in business and life. On this episode, we talk about: How reading a book […]

This post is part of the Happy Wives Club Blog Tour, which I am delighted to be a part of along with hundreds of inspiring bloggers. To learn more and join us, click here!  Why do I still believe in marriage? Why shouldn’t I? I’m still married. I chose to commit my life to another person. […]

Today is my birthday. Even though it is -17 degrees, with a wind chill of -45 degrees, I am happy and incredibly thankful for so many blessings. I am more excited about the coming year than I have been in a long time. Part of the reason is because I have a clearer sense of […]

I am participating in Jon Acuff’s Empty Shelf challenge. I am an avid reader, so I love the idea of joining in with others to focus on reading more in 2014. My bigger challenge was clearing the space to have an empty shelf. But, that’s when I got an idea. I LOVE to share inspiring books, […]