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A Challenge for you!

We just returned from an awesome weekend in Traverse City, MI. It has become an annual tradition and a fun, active family vacation. I hope this encourages you today!

I’d love to hear what you are going to do! Email me, Tweet at me, or message me on Facebook!

You Don’t Appreciate It {Podcast Episode #96}



On this episode, we talk about:

  • Learning to appreciate where we are
  • Learning not to stay stuck in the past
  • Learning to not be so hard on ourselves
  • What if this is what you’ve been working toward?
  • “You can never hate yourself thin” ~ Brooke Castillo
  • You can’t hate yourself to where you want to go
  • Learn to look at yourself objectively and with curiosity
  • Celebrate how hard you’ve come
  • Appreciate where you are RIGHT NOW
  • STOP beating yourself up!

Go check out my friend and coach, Amy Latta. Sign up for a free session and see if she’s a good fit for you. She’s amazing!

Switch it up {Podcast Episode #95}

Switch it up

On this episode, we talk about:

  • How to switch up your routine
  • How a simple conversation can make your day
  • How nature helps me get out of my own head
  • What does switching it up look like for you?

I encourage you to do something different today. Tweet at me or email me and let me know what you did!

Doublevision {Podcast Episode #94}


I’m honored to have my friends Joy Thomas and Jenelle Landgraf on the show today. They¬†write at www.doublevisionblog.com about their journey of losing their sight.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Their journey of being diagnosed with RP at a young age
  • How they hid their disease from others
  • Their desire to blend in with others
  • How finding people who were leading normal lives with their condition made a big difference
  • How people can be helpful
  • How people can often be hurtful due to lack of understanding
  • Their beautiful Blindness Awareness video¬†(WATCH it and share! It’s way past 11K views now!)
  • The work they have done around shame and vulnerability and how it has changed them
  • How their willingness to share their story has been a bridge to talk about blindness
  • How shame is a human experience that we can all relate to
  • Being willing to share our story and not worrying about how it gets distributed
  • Why do they feel ashamed of people’s misconceptions about them? They’ve done nothing wrong
  • How tools can help you show up more in the world and be the person you’ve been created to be
  • Instead of trying to hide from shame, we can choose to observe it and make choices to move out of it
  • How shame about shame can be debilitating
  • There’s no right way to go blind
  • We compare ourselves to others who are farther along on the journey
  • Your journey is your own

I’m so grateful they could join me. Be sure to check out their Blindness Awareness Month video and Like their Facebook page.

Also, a big thank you to Ben Thomas for his help with the audio. Check out his awesome music!

What stood out to you from this episode?

You Already Know It {Podcast Episode #93}

You Already Know It

On this episode, we talk about how most of us already have the knowledge we need to move forward. We just don’t always believe it, or trust ourselves.

I am speaking to myself here, but I think it may be helpful to you as well.

I’d love to hear from you. Is this something you wrestle with? How are you moving forward through it?

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