There is something magical that happens when you decide to make needed changes to your life and learn to know yourself fully and dream about the life you desire. The problem is, it’s often hard to do it alone.

I am honored to work with coaching clients who are ready to make a change. If you are looking for someone to help you sort through the mind clutter, and help guide you towards becoming fully YOU, let’s talk.

My coaching sessions are about YOU and who you want to become. My coaching consists of helping you find the cause of what is holding you back as well as how your thoughts are determining your actions. It’s not about just setting goals and willing yourself to change. I believe it requires looking deeper in order to get to the root of the issue.

Together, we focus on helping you understand yourself better, and work through where you may feel blocked and unable to move forward.  Whether it’s thinking about moving into a new career, discovering what lights you up , or creating the life you’ve always dreamed of, I’d love to help you on your journey.

I am currently only working with a small number of personal clients. If you are interested in working with me, you can email me at to explore coaching options.

I look forward to hearing from you!



What others are saying:

“Tammy truly met me right where I was and helped me to move forward. She has a gift for getting to the root of your circumstances and strategically gets you to figure out where to go from there. Tammy also brings a wealth of understanding and life experience both from the personal and corporate worlds. She is an encourager and motivator. She was also concerned about me as a person and connected with me on a life level outside of business coaching. As a result of her coaching I was able to develop my business plan and move ahead with action steps and increased confidence. She also encouraged me to dream big and set goals for my coaching practice.”

~ Leanne


“Accessible. When I think about Tammy, this word is first on the list to describe her. She fully invests in people, taking the time to truly listen and consider even the small details of their dreams. Her advice is thoughtful and focused on truly enjoying life as you pursue your life goals.”

~ Ronne


“I walk away from meeting with Tammy feeling encouraged and supported, but also challenged. Whether it’s a different perspective or a new idea, I value Tammy’s assistance in navigating life’s challenges. Her unique insights continue to support me in my journey to becoming fully me.”

~ Vicki


“I experience somewhat frequent times of darkness, even though my life is full of light. When the lights dim, Tammy is the first one to remind me not only of the blessings that this life has bestowed on me, but more about what the qualities that I possess allow me to do to change my outlook. She reminds me that my happiness is contingent on my outlook and that the sky is in fact the limit.”

~ Chrysti



“Tammy’s heart is always to help others become the best they can be and to support their journey in any way she can. She is truly gifted in caring for others.”

~ Christine


“It’s rare to find intelligence, strength, insight, and compassion all in one person, but that is what I’ve found in Tammy. She is the consummate professional while creating and holding a neutral, safe space for you to look at any issue with clarity and objectivity. She generously supports you in your own process of discovery and problem solving.”

~ Amanda


“I always leave a conversation with Tammy better than I was before. She offers me reasonable perspectives, and helps me decipher between what are legitimate thoughts and what are feelings I am creating.  She brings a calm and collected presence to my life, and I am thankful for how she has helped me to grow.

~ Jenni

“Tammy has a way of getting to the root of faulty thinking and beliefs that no longer serve one well. Her gentle, soft spoken manner comforts while her words challenge, and the combination is such that your defenses are disarmed, allowing for deep and authentic revelation. You come away from the experience not only with insight, but with effective tools for transformation.”

~ Julie , Licensed Marital and Family Therapist and speaker