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Becoming Yourself


Season 2, Episode 10: Right Where You Are Defined

RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE season 2 episode 10

Today, I talk about how this podcast, Right Where You Are, has changed and evolved. It’s fascinating to look back on the journey and see how I’ve grown.

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Doublevision {Podcast Episode #94}


I’m honored to have my friends Joy Thomas and Jenelle Landgraf on the show today. They write at www.doublevisionblog.com about their journey of losing their sight.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Their journey of being diagnosed with RP at a young age
  • How they hid their disease from others
  • Their desire to blend in with others
  • How finding people who were leading normal lives with their condition made a big difference
  • How people can be helpful
  • How people can often be hurtful due to lack of understanding
  • Their beautiful Blindness Awareness video (WATCH it and share! It’s way past 11K views now!)
  • The work they have done around shame and vulnerability and how it has changed them
  • How their willingness to share their story has been a bridge to talk about blindness
  • How shame is a human experience that we can all relate to
  • Being willing to share our story and not worrying about how it gets distributed
  • Why do they feel ashamed of people’s misconceptions about them? They’ve done nothing wrong
  • How tools can help you show up more in the world and be the person you’ve been created to be
  • Instead of trying to hide from shame, we can choose to observe it and make choices to move out of it
  • How shame about shame can be debilitating
  • There’s no right way to go blind
  • We compare ourselves to others who are farther along on the journey
  • Your journey is your own

I’m so grateful they could join me. Be sure to check out their Blindness Awareness Month video and Like their Facebook page.

Also, a big thank you to Ben Thomas for his help with the audio. Check out his awesome music!

What stood out to you from this episode?

Are You Allowing Yourself to Be Seen?

Meet my friend Joy and her twin sister, Jenelle.


They are amazing. They have both struggled with a disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa since they were young. It has been a difficult battle, and one they kept silent about until a few years ago. But now, they have learned to be vulnerable and share their stories in hopes of encouraging others to live life fully.

You’ll hear more from them on the podcast soon, but I had to share this incredible video Joy put together in honor of Blindness Awareness Month.

Most of us can’t relate with struggling to see. However, we all have stories that can help encourage and inspire others if we are willing to be vulnerable and allow ourselves to be seen.

Do yourself a huge favor and Like their Facebook Page, and follow their blog. You will be inspired!


Rick Helfrich on Letting Go of the Brakes in Life, Love and Faith {Podcast Episode #50}


Episode #50!!

I can’t believe it. Time has flown, and I have had an absolute blast with the first fifty episodes. I am so thankful for all of the guests who were willing to take time to be on the show, and I cannot thank you, my listeners, enough. As I thought about what to do for this special episode, there was one person who kept coming to mind. He has been so supportive of me, and encouraged me to continually step out of my comfort zone. He is someone that most of you do not know, but he is full of wisdom. Please give a special welcome to my husband, Rick Helfrich! This is probably the most raw and vulnerable episode I’ve released so far. We get very real about challenges in our marriage, and how we continue to work through them. On this episode, we talk about:

  • How Rick fell back in love with a childhood passion
  • How he stopped his sedentary lifestyle
  • How he went from taking a ride on the trails to signing up for a 30 mile race
  • How cycling changed him in other areas of his life
  • How he learned to Let Go of the Brakes
  • We get really honest about our marriage
  • How Rick didn’t feel needed, but was unable to express it
  • How I pressured him to be on the same spiritual path (or how I was a giant pain in the ass, in his words) :)
  • How compartmentalizing emotions and bottling them in is not good for any of us
  • How we continue to fight for our marriage
  • You are not alone in your marriage struggles

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode. We’re truly hoping that you can learn from our mistakes. You can connect with Rick on Twitter. You can view his blog series we referenced here.   As always, I am so appreciative of your honest iTunes reviews. Would you take two minutes and leave one here?

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