I love hosting my podcast, Right Where You Are.. It has been an incredible journey. I started out wanting to talk to amazing people about living life differently, and making a difference. It has been amazing to see how it has changed and grown as I have done the same.

My goal is to encourage you to live into who you were created to be. My hope is that the podcast will continue to challenge and help you see things from a new perspective.

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You can also find a list of episodes here:

Season 3, Episode 14: Conflict

Season 3, Episode 13: Taking Responsiblity 

Season 3, Episode 12: Much Love, from Jamie

Season 3, Episode 11: The Enneagram

Season 3, Episode 10: Speed Bumps

Season 3, Episode 9: Overwhelm

Season 3, Episode 8: Your Health

Season 3, Episode 7: I See You

Season 3, Episode 6: When Life Gets Hard

Season 3, Episode 5: What You Love

Season 3, Episode 4: Feeling your Emotions

Season 3, Episode 3: Unstuck

Season 3, Episode 2: That Project!

Season 3, Episode 1: What Do You Want?

Season 2, Episode 20: 2016 Year End Review

Season 2, Episode 19: Processing

Season 2, Episode 18: Cliff Ravenscraft on Transformation

Season 2, Episode 17: The Encouragement Journal

Season 2, Episode 16: Surprising Community

Season 2, Episode 15: Health is a Journey

Season 2, Episode 14: You Have Your Answers

Season 2, Episode 13: Awareness

Season 2, Episode 12: Being Present

Season 2, Episode 11: Mindful Moments with Andy Hayes

Season 2, Episode 10: Right Where You Are Defined

Season 2, Episode 9: The “I Don’t Know” Trap

Season 2, Episode 8: You Can’t Hate Yourself ____

Season 2, Episode 7: Feelings

Season 2, Episode 6: Stop Fighting Yourself

Season 2, Episode 5: Choices

Season 2, Episode 4: Speak Like a Pro

Season 2, Episode 3: Believe

Season 2, Episode 2: Kinda Wilson on The Echo Factor

Season 2, Episode 1: New Year

Episode 100: Turning Tables

Episode 99: One Word 2015

Episode 98: Leanne Stolpe on Purpose

Episode 97: Stop Saying You Can’t

Episode 96: You Don’t Appreciate It

Episode 95: Switch it Up

Episode 94: Doublevision

Episode 93: You Already Know It

Episode 92: Managing Your Mind with Brooke Castillo

Episode 91: Self Care

Episode 90: Getting Our Own Attention

Episode 89: Sharing Your Story with David Mike

Episode 88: Coaching Coaches with Heidi Thorne

Episode 87: What Are You Thinking?

Episode 86: Launch Out: One Question

Episode 85: What Happened on my Juice Fast

Episode 84: Lisa Anderson on Grace’s Table

Episode 83: Ben Thomas on Bring Forth

Episode 82: Free

Episode 81: Mike Lane on Hope Bridges

Episode 80: Nick Pavlidis on Confessions of a Terrible Husband

Episode 79: Self-Sabotage

Episode 78: Camilla Kragius on Financial Freedom

Episode 77: Willie Morris on The Power of Positive Impact

Episode 76: Ronne Rock on Owning Your Purpose Part 2

Episode 75: Ronne Rock on Owning Your Purpose

Episode 74: Jon Stolpe on Learning to Stretch

Episode 73: David Bouchard on Capturing Beauty

Episode 72: Randy Langley on Launching Out

Episode 71: Becoming Healthier Update

Episode 70: Miriam Lily on Living an Adventure

Episode 69: Mike Loomis on the Power of Outside Perspective

Episode 68: Allison Flexer on Truth, Lies and the Single Woman

Episode 67: Laura Wilson on Strings for Hope

Episode 66: Amy Latta on Loving Our Bodies

Episode 65: Taylor Phelan on #ImPhelanit

Episode 64: Sarah Harmeyer on Loving People

Episode 63: Kelsey Humphreys on Going Solo

Episode 62: Abbie Unger on Following your Passion

Episode 61: Jared Easley on Starving the Doubts

Episode 60: Megan Starbuck on Tiny Houses and Big Dreams

Episode 59: Corie Clark on Simplifying

Episode 58: The Importance of Rest

Episode 57: Isabel Hundt on Living a Life of Wholeness

Episode 56: Are You a LifeChanger

Episode 55: Startiversary

Episode 54: Lily Kreitinger on Living an Intentional Life

Episode 54: Wild at Heart – A women’s perspective

Episode 53: Chad Allen on Doing Your Art

Episode 52: Love People Right Where They Are

Episode 51: Matt Ham on Living Richly

Episode 50: Rick Helfrich on Letting Go of the Brakes in Life, Love and Faith

Episode 49: Chris LoCurto on Finding the Life and Business You Want

Episode 48: Becoming Healthier

Episode 47: Navigating through Transition

Episode 46: Christine Niles on Moving Forward

Episode 45: Ben Arment on Making Dreams Happen

Episode 44: Becca Ludlum on Blogging

Episode 43: Clay Shaver on Becoming the Best Version of You

Episode 42: Ethan Bryan on Baseball and Life

Episode 41: Michelle Howe on Helping People Finish

Episode 40: Tammy Werthem on the Power of Your Story

Episode 39: Jenny Price on Shifting

Episode 38: The Importance of Working on Yourself

Episode 37: Learning to Experiment

Episode 36: How to Make a Difference Right Where You Are

Episode 35: Ryan Eller on Living Your List

Episode 34: Amy Campbell on Maximizing Your Strengths

Episode 33: Jeff Brown on Reading to Lead

Episode 32: Casey Lewis on Generosity

Episode 31: Alli Worthington on Business and Love

Episode 30: Mike Foster on Radical Grace and Second Chances

Episode 29: Matt Chambers on SafeWorld

Episode 28: Jeff Rose on Good Financial Cents

Episode 27: Al Andrews on Improbable Philanthropy

Episode 26: Allison Vesterfelt on Packing Light

Episode 25: Justin Fricke on Embracing Adventure

Episode 24: Jody Noland on Leaving Nothing Unsaid

Episode 23: Bryan Allain on The Importance of Connections

Episode 22: Jim Powell on Dirt Matters

Episode 21: Cindy Mae Martin on Facing Fear Head On

Episode 20: Dave Arnold on Starting in the Alleyways

Episode 19: Scott Harvey on Inspiring Youth

Episode 18: Erik Fisher on Beyond the To Do List Part 2

Episode 17: Jim Woods on Beyond the To Do List

Episode 16: Kurt Bubna on Epic Grace

Episode 15:Matt McWilliams on The Power of Continual Learning

Episode 14: Brian Basilico on It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon

Episode 13: Bob Goff on What We are Made to Do

Episode 12: Andy Traub on If He Can Do It, You Can Too

Episode 11: Stu McLaren on The Ripple Effect of Community

Episode 10: John Crist on Doing the Work

Episode 9: Darrell Vesterfelt on Giving People Permission to Live their Best Life

Episode 8: Jeff Goins on Enjoying the In-Between

Episode 7: Jen McDonough on What Can You Do?

Episode 6: Jon Acuff on STARTing

Episode 5: Jeremy Statton on Living A Better Story

Episode 4:Andi Cumbo on Dreaming Big

Episode 3: Scott Hodge on Art, Creativity, and Strategic Readiness

Episode 2: Tom Reber on Motoring away from Mediocrity

Episode 1: Introduction




Here’s what others are saying:


Right Where You Are….and You Are…and You Are

I love this podcast and what Tammy Helfrich is bringing to the landscape. She’s the perfect combination of professional interviewer and friendly conversationalist. She makes the listener feel like you’re just joining her (and her guests) for a cup of coffee and a chat. I appreciate this program.

~ A Little Nutmeg


Life changing podcasts

I had never listened to podcasts until I came across Tammy’s. They are awesome and full of life changing information. They are short, concise and I highly recommend them.



Tammy is genuine, personable and encouraging!

Tammy is the real deal. She truly cares about people and it shows in her show and in her interview style. Her questions are well thought out and insightful. Make time for this podcast if you want to learn from the experiences of others and grow both personally and professionally.

~Jeff Brown


Encouraging, challenging and motivating!

This podcast is encouraging, challenging and motivating. Tammy’s energy is contagious and inspiring!

~ Kristal Woods


Hel-frich’n yeah!        (This description rocks!)

Tammy rocks because she understands what it takes to cultivate & nurture a tribe. She is constantly helping others & sets an outstanding example. I am guilty of not being a regular reader of her blog, but I will be listening to the podcasts on my way to work! Great job Tammy!!

~ Jared Easley


Life Changing Message

This podcast is fantastic. Tammy interviews “LifeChangers” –the individuals out there changing the world by dreaming big and then following their dreams with action. I highly recommend the show! It may even change your life.

~ wabbitman1


Very encouraging

So happy to see Tammy doing a podcast…her blog has inspired me for a while now. This podcast can only encourage you!

~ Tessa Hardiman


The Real Deal

I love that this podcast has real, every day people who have decided to become LifeChangers. I’m so encouraged and inspired. I can’t wait to hear the next podcast!

~ Aaron Dean