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Season 2, Episode 19: Processing

right where You AreProcessingSeason 2 Episode 19

On this episode, I talk about the power of learning to process. I share examples of how I processed through on my drive home from the Launch Out Conference.

I also talk about my amazing friend, Amy Latta.

I share my example of walking through the thought model and how it differs from positive thinking. It’s a small tweak, but makes a huge difference.

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If you’ve picked up a copy of the Right Where You Are Encouragement Journal, THANK YOU! I really appreciate it. When you have a minute, I’d be honored by your honest review on Amazon.

And here’s our sweet new puppy, Steel. :)


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  1. Ah, dear, GREAT WORK! Thank you for the shout out and for doing this work with me on this journey. You are an amazing companion on this road!

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