Do you have a rule?

Thanksgiving ONLY before Christmas?


Some of us are really passionate about Thanksgiving and get ourselves in a tizzy if someone talks about Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving. And if they even hint at listening to Christmas music or putting up their tree, we are adamant about letting them know how we feel about it! :)

Unfortunately, I’ve been there before. For many years, in fact.

I couldn’t believe that the stores were putting out Christmas decorations early, sometimes even before Halloween was over! I couldn’t believe that people would listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving comes FIRST! Why would they do that?

I thought those things for years. Yes, Christmas has become ridiculously commercialized, and many people forget what it’s all about. But honestly, most of the people who really loved Christmas that I know don’t fit into that camp. They just really love Christmas!

It’s funny to me now. I look back at how much I have changed and grown, and realize how differently I view things now. Because in most circumstances, I now know that there truly is the ability to be FOR two things that seem opposing. You really can truly enjoy your Thanksgiving and all of the people around you AND still put your Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. Really!

And now that I think about it, the people who are putting up their Christmas stuff are some of the most fun people and enjoyable to be around. They’re not skipping over Thanksgiving. They’re enjoying it too. They’re just also loving celebrating Christmas for as long as they can. And really, does it impact me in any way? NO!

I know there are some of you who don’t get this at all. You’ve told yourself you are absolutely right because you hold off until Thanksgiving. You’re not going to break your stance on it. Ever. And guess what? That’s totally cool!

This year, we chose to put our tree up the week before Thanksgiving. I’ve been listening to Christmas music off and on. It could have had to do with the fact that our fall slammed into winter early with a decent snow fall. Or it could also be that I am truly learning to be fully me. Most likely, it’s a combination of both.

Tomorrow, I will be extremely thankful to be with family and enjoy every minute of Thanksgiving. I’ll take time to reflect on all of my blessings and the friends and family and community I am blessed with. I’ll be grateful, just as I try to be every day.

I’ll also go home to my house that is already decorated for Christmas, and I’ll be thankful and anticipate the upcoming season of Advent. On Thanksgiving.

Trust me. You CAN love them both. REALLY!