brooke castillo


It is truly an honor to have Brooke Castillo with me on the podcast today. She has been an amazing coach and teacher in my life. She believes in helping people clear the clutter in their mind in order to make a contribution, live our purpose and honor our dreams.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • The importance of managing your mind
  • We believe that we are our thoughts and reality
  • The thoughts we have are not WHO we are
  • Self responsibility can be challenging
  • We give our power away to people
  • We think when we feel a certain way, other people are responsible
  • But we are responsible for ourselves
  • You don’t have the power to make me feel anything
  • Why are you choosing to think that?
  • Everything you think creates a feeling inside of you
  • Is this a thought I want to continue to think?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • “I don’t know” blocks your dreams!
  • It blocks wisdom
  • If you don’t know, who would know?
  • We often use feeling stuck as an excuse
  • If you did know the answer, what would the answer be?
  • We don’t have deep, intimate relationships with ourselves
  • Pay attention to our actions and results, but also what you’re thinking and feeling
  • We do things behind our own backs and not knowing our own answers or asking the question to find the answers
  • Passive action vs. massive action
  • Massive action = taking action until you get the results you want
  • Saying you’re going to “try” something includes an option to quit
  • Extra weight is just a symptom of your mind
  • You have to know WHY you’re doing the work you’re doing
  • The best marketing you can do is helping someone in their life
  • Take my work and mix it with you and you’ll have a whole new product
  • Apply the tools to yourself first
  • There’s no freedom from pain if there is no pain
  • Learn how to be fascinated with  ourselves and stop judging ourselves
  • Learn how to be with ourselves when we have negative emotions and try to understand ourselves
  • We try to beat ourselves into submission and it never works
  • You can’t force yourself into creating something that you want
  • Show up and tell your truth

You can hear more from Brooke on The LifeCoach School podcast and How To Be a LifeCoach podcast.

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