Willie Morris joins me on the podcast today. He is the founder of Faithbox and has an incredible story.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • His own faith journey and wrestling with it
  • Seeing people’s humanities
  • Recognizing God in the every day and nature
  • Realizing that everyone’s journey is different
  • You never know the impact you are making on people by how you live your life
  • How Faithbox got started
  • How they partner with socially responsible companies
  • Their partnership with Rice Bowls
  • How many wins can they stack up for big positive impact
  • The hardest part is always the first leap of faith step
  • He was surprised at the personal impact it has had
  • How giving back has impacted him
  • What is my legacy going to be?
  • What are some small steps you can take towards the bigger goal
  • Small steps won’t seem like roadblocks anymore
  • Outside curators who are helping with upcoming monthly boxes


You can learn more at the website, Twitter, and Facebook. You can find Willie on Twitter as well.

What is a small step you can take today?