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Changing my view


What does it mean to you?

Do you even think about it?

Do you appreciate it?

Do you take it for granted?

I know I do.

And I’m about to have an experience that will most likely change how I view it forever.

Next week, I will travel to Haiti for the first time.

bucketsI cannot wait to experience first hand the amazing work that our friends Bill and Renee Plaza have been investing in. They have fallen in love with this country and are using their retirement to make a difference to so many people through clean water initiatives.

I have no idea how distributing 500 clean water filtration systems in the remote mountains of Haiti will impact me. I just know that it will.  And I can’t wait to share it with you when I return.

I’ll be sharing updates on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook when I can, and would love to have you follow along.

Have you ever been on a trip that changed your view of something forever? I’d love to hear!











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  1. Love that you are going! It will be life changing for sure. I say thank you every time I have water opening my faucet. It is a precious resource we need to stop taking for granted. Most of my water comes from a spring and well, there are no guarantees. That said, spending time camping, traveling in other countries and more has made me very appreciative of water. Can’t wait to follow your journey!

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