Photo credit: Cassie Loree Photography

Photo credit: Cassie Loree Photography


I am honored to have Taylor Phelan on the podcast today. You have probably seen him killing it on NBC’s The Voice this season.  I am so excited for him and his family and the opportunities ahead of him.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • How he started in music
  • How he started writing songs
  • How his time on staff with churches helped mold him
  • How The Canes got started
  • How his dream changed right when The Canes were moving forward
  • How putting his family first changed everything
  • How hard it was to walk away from his dream in order to take care of his family
  • How making the right decision is still difficult
  • How he accepted being a suburban dad
  • How his wife Nikki encouraged him to continue chasing his dream
  • How he pushed back on her and tried to make it impossible to keep following his dream
  • How supportive everyone is on The Voice
  • Humility is the hallmark of the show
  • The importance of being authentic and genuine
  • The importance of having a core group of people around you
  • Sometimes, in life, we’re not able to pursue our dreams
  • Prioritize the right things
  • Sometimes, it’s better to redefine what our dreams are
  • Learn how to make your dream fit your life
  • When the day comes that he has to leave the show, he’ll go home to his already cool life
  • Rewire your thinking to love your life now

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Also, be sure to check out Nikki and Taylor’s company, Blooming House Collective.

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What stood out to you about Taylor’s story?