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Sarah Harmeyer on Loving People {Podcast Episode #64}

sarah harmeyer

Sarah Harmeyer joins me on the podcast today. She is amazing. She has big dreams of gathering people around the table, and helping others do the same all over the country.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • How her dream took shape because she understood that God made her a people gatherer
  • Her choice to focus more on being than doing
  • Her goal of inviting 500 people to her table in 2012
  • Her one word for the year that helps shape her dream
  • How she realized there are other people like her who want to love people around the table
  • How she took the time to reshape herself before starting on her dream
  • “Leadership starts with leading ourselves well”
  • “I didn’t want my table to be a holy huddle.”
  • Everyone is welcome at Sarah’s table
  • People are waiting to be invited!
  • She makes her parties about people
  • What role do you play in your neighborhood?
  • How she is intentional about introducing people by saying what she loves about them
  • How she sets the culture of the night
  • When we learn each other’s stories, we can love anyone
  • When we create environments where the people are what shine, people get that and love it
  • Let’s serve each other
  • How she is inviting people into her dream
  • She can still get stuck in the details
  • She struggles in resting in who she is
  • We need to have grace for ourselves as well as others
  • Find what God is calling you to do
  • It’s not always about the next big thing
  • How can you run your race well?

You can find Sarah at Neighbors Table, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow her and let her know how her words impacted you.

Do you love gathering people?



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  1. Love the “two desks” idea! What a great way to stay organized! And thanks for The Courtyard Crew mention. Excellent interview, but I would expect nothing less from these two Dreamers & Builders!

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