KelseyHumphreysHeadShot Kelsey Humphreys joins me on the podcast today. She is passionate about personal development and entrepreneurship. She is a speaker, consultant, coach and writer. Her new book, Go Solo: How to Quit the Job You Hate and Start a Small Business You Love. On this episode, we talk about:

  • Leaving something you like (or do well) to pursue your passion
  • Wanting more in life
  • Her new book, Go Solo, and why she is so passionate about helping others do what they love
  • You can’t reach your peak by wandering there
  • Entrepreneurs have lots of ideas. You may fail, but don’t be afraid to do it again
  • We often get pushback from people who are closest to us
  • Change what it looks like to do the thing you love
  • It’s so different to be energized throughout the whole day
  • Stuck is our own fear
  • Put your finger on why you’re stuck and make a plan to take steps
  • “All of this to say, if you’re approaching Mount Terrifying, you’re probably doing something right. Without risk, without challenging ourselves, without pushing our hearts until they are pound pound pounding, what are we doing? Just existing? Just wandering.”

You can connect with Kelsey on Twitter, Facebook, and her website. Be sure to pick up a copy of her book and leave her a review.   GoSoloBookCover   Do you dream of going solo? Share in the comments below.