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Jared Easley on Starving the Doubts {Podcast Episode #61}



Jared Easley joins me on the podcast today. He is an entrepreneur, podcast host, co-founder of the Podcast Movement, and an extremely generous person. I loved talking with him about his journey, and I think you will gain some incredible insight from him.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • How he started Starve the Doubts
  • Why generosity is so important
  • How you can’t rely on the “one big thing”
  • Some of his favorite interviews
  • The best conversations for him are the ones with compelling stories
  • What are we not asking for?
  • How can we think about things a little differently?
  • Don’t just set your eyes on the top of the mountain. There are people climbing up the mountain with great stories
  • How The Podcast Movement began
  • Taking action is so important
  • Remember the people who aren’t where you are yet, and help them
  • What can you say NO to?
  • Embrace the season that you’re in
  • Surround yourself with things that are going to encourage you
  • Stay generous and stay creative
  • Start by noticing other people
  • Over time, rapport generates reciprocity
  • Be creative with what you CAN do
  • Look for clues about what people are looking for
  • “The rising tide lifts all the boats” – John F. Kennedy


You can listen to Jared on his awesome podcast, Starve the Doubts. Be sure to leave him a comment and an honest review. Also, check out his book, Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience through Collaboration, and learn more about Podcast Movement.



  1. So interesting to hear about the podcasting ins and outs, can’t wait to check out Starve the Doubts! I’ve started listening to a lot of podcasts lately, so much better than TV. Lots of great points here, great interview :)

  2. This particular episode has great wisdom on a variety of topics. Truly enjoyed it and remain convinced that kindness and generosity are never wasted. They make be unappreciated, but never wasted. Loved this interview!

  3. Awesome interview Tammy. Thanks for having Jared on the show!

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