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Empty Shelf Challenge Books #22-26


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This year, I joined Jon Acuff and hundreds of others in filling an empty shelf on our bookshelves. You can read more about it here. My shelf keeps changing because I give away books, and also read some on Kindle, and keep some in my office. Here are the latest books.


Book #22 – The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard

I’ve had this book for years and had started and stopped it multiple times. I finally went back and read it all the way through and it is SO GOOD! If you have a message to share, you will want to read this book. He provides incredible examples and offers advice for creating a business around what you feel called to do.


Book #23 – The Enneagram A Christian Perspective by Richard Rohr

I have been absolutely fascinated by learning more about the Enneagram. I’m a big Richard Rohr fan, so I was anxious to hear his perspective on it. This book is great because it gives you the history and understanding of how this has been around for a very long time, and he explains it in a way that I really love. Most personality or trait tests only focus on the positive attributes. However, the Enneagram shows you both the healthy and the unhealthy aspects of how we are designed. This allows you to understand why you may react to certain things in certain ways. And it allows you to learn how to start dealing with things and change your trajectory. It’s really difficult to explain a book like this, but it has helped me to see people in a completely new light, as well as uncover some of my own tendencies that aren’t always healthy.


Book #24 – The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg

This is another great book that helps us understand how we are wired. It walks through how to start taking steps towards living into who you were designed to be as well as understand your learning and spiritual styles that help you feel closer to God. It is a straightforward, yet challenging book.


Book #25 – The Simplicity Project by Corie Clark

This is a great, quick read. It is full of practical and helpful information for simplifying your life. And, it is written by my friend Corie! She shares how she made changes in her life to simplify and declutter, and helps walk you through how to take steps that will impact your home. I am so proud of Corie for publishing her first book and doing an awesome job. Check this one out! You can also get it on her website at www.corieclark.com. That’s how I ordered it, and I loved the packaging and extra steps she took to make it special.


Book #26 – Brand YOU New by Mike Loomis

This is another book written by one of my friends. Mike is a manager, literary agent, author, and strategic partner to businesses. I got a preview of his new book, and it is great! It is a simple, short book that is filled with great advice on managing your brand. It’s basic enough that people who don’t think they have a brand can understand, yet powerful enough for those who know they need to manage our brands. This book has not been released yet, but you can reach out to Mike via his website above and order the book directly from him.


I love keeping track of the books I am reading this year and sharing them with you. I’d love to hear what you are reading. Share in the comments!




  1. oooooh you have some awesome books on your shelf! i’ve been keeping a record on goodreads, simply because most of the books im reading are library books (yay for our local!) and also because we seriously need more bookcases. we’re a book family and i always joke and say my love language is books…. :)

  2. Just stopped by to say hi. I’m very curious about the Enneagram thanks to Leigh Kramer. She has started Enneagram coaching but it feels so foreign to me. Would love to hear more some time.

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