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Isabel Hundt on Living a Life of Wholeness {Podcast Episode #57}


Isabel Hundt joins me on the show today. She is an entrepreneur, coach, mentor, wife and mom. She is dedicated to helping people discover who they truly are in order to live their dreams and make a difference in the world.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Daring to stand out
  • Peeling off the layers in order to see our inner essence and becoming who we were created to be
  • Every voice needs to be heard
  • If we’re not dealing with who we are, we aren’t able to live our calling
  • Navigating through motherhood while living your dreams
  • What would your life look like from wholeness?
  • John Maxwell suggests choosing 5 things to do consistently each day
  • Understanding our survival mechanism and how it is holding us back
  • Who you are BEING is more important than what you are DOING
  • Learning about ourselves from others
  • Start with one thing and move forward each day
  • Make an intentional choice to think differently
  • Isabel’s upcoming ebook, Identity Crisis
  • Personal development and growth is the rock solid foundation to everything you do
  • Learning to give up control
  • Understanding the importance of well being in your own life

You can find Isabel on Facebook, her website, and her mastermind program.

What stood out to you from listening to Isabel? Share in the comments below.


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  1. What a great interview! I had the pleasure of meeting Isabel a few weeks ago. She is amazing! Full of insight and energy. I loved the story about mental change from negative thinking to positive. A perfect example of what can happen when you re-train your thinking. Your mindset is so important for a wholesome view on life.

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