A Favor to Ask

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When I started this blog almost three years ago, I had absolutely no idea where it would lead.

I had no idea that I would interact with so many amazing people from all over the country. I had no idea that I would form friendships with people. I had no idea that I would be able to encourage others through my words. I had no idea that it would lead to starting a podcast.

It’s fun to look back and see how this journey has been full of twists and turns, and also lots of joy.

Today, I want to say:

(Creative Commons: Nate Gregg)

(Creative Commons: Nate Gregg)

Thank you for following my journey.

Thank you for interacting with me and providing feedback.

Thank you for encouraging me to keep sharing my work.

Thank you for inspiring me to continue to tell LifeChanger stories.

Thank you for listening to Right Where You Are.

I’m rapidly approaching my 50th episode of the podcast. I’ve loved sharing stories of people living differently and making a difference in the world. I have received great feedback from many of you, and I am incredibly thankful for your words.

Today, I’d love to ask a favor. If you’ve listened to the show, would you take 2 minutes and jump over to iTunes and leave a review? While I don’t get hung up on numbers with the blog or podcast, I would love to have 50 reviews before my 50th episode. More reviews help people find the show, and spread inspiring stories.


If there is anything I can do to help encourage you, please let me know!


  • Christiana

    Thank you for taking us along on your journey.

    • http://www.tammyhelfrich.com/ Tammy Helfrich

      Thanks, Christiana!

  • http://jonstolpe.com/ Jon Stolpe

    Hey Tammy, I already dropped a review for your podcast. As for anything you can do to help encourage me, I’m getting ready to release my first book (On Track – Life Lessons from the Track & Field). Any type of promotion would be appreciated.

    Congrats on #50, and please keep it up!

    • http://www.tammyhelfrich.com/ Tammy Helfrich

      Thanks, Jon! I’d love to hear more about your book. Congratulations!

  • http://deuceology.wordpress.com Larry Carter

    I reviewed, but didn’t see it. I hope there is just a lag.

    • http://www.tammyhelfrich.com/ Tammy Helfrich

      Thanks, Larry! There is a little lag for review time. Appreciate you!

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