Becoming Healthier {Podcast Episode #48}

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Today, we are talking about becoming healthier. I share my experience over the last few months of learning to believe in myself and making changes.



We talk about:

  • There are so many different opinions on healthy eating
  • It can be so overwhelming
  • You need a coach
  • What a difference the switch flipping makes
  • Unexpected positive benefits: clear skin, stronger nails, clearer sinuses, digestive issues, more energy
  • Living without grain, caffeine, and chemicals and additives
  • Eating every 3-4 hours
  • Not experiencing cravings in the same way
  • Learning that I CAN do this!

Have you made changes to your eating? I’d love to hear what is working for you.


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  • Heidi Bender

    I enjoyed this episode very much! thank you for sharing what you are doing and have been through.

    Just this week I decided to start tracking my food again. I want to take control of what I eat. No more eating a dessert because I don’t want to hurt the feelings of whoever made the dessert!

    I also want to cut back on processed foods and be more of a clean eater.

    How do you feel about diary? any recommendations on how to find a coach? how long did it take for the sugar to get out of system? days or weeks?

    • Tammy Helfrich

      Thanks for listening! I have cut out all dairy as well. I found a coach through my local gym and through word of mouth. I would start asking around in your area, or also look for people that are helping others online. I felt the difference after cutting out sugar pretty quickly. Definitely within the first few weeks. Good luck!

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