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Navigating through Transition {Podcast Episode #47}

Today, we’re talking about transition. I share some tips I’ve been experiencing in my own recent transition.


We talk about:

  • Leaving well
  • Feeling surreal
  • Transition is bigger than we expect it to be
  • Transition can be more emotional than we anticipate
  • You need to give yourself patience
  • You will feel out of rhythm
  • You may question your abilities
  • You may feel vulnerable
  • You need to relearn what it takes to be excellent in your new role
  • Check and recheck expectations
  • You need to take care of yourself

 Have you been in transition? What has worked well for you?


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  1. Thanks so much for this Tammy! I just found your podcast via Pinterest and am so glad to check it out! As I prepare to transition positions and continents within my missions organization these next few months, I’m thankful for the much-needed reminders that 1. I’m “normal” in feeling surreal right now, and 2. to give myself grace and check to make sure my own expectations are realistic for the situations I’m in. I would also say it’s important to have ways to process, and people to do so with, along the way. This might be easier when staying in the same place, but needs more intentionality when moving to a new location. Having people with whom you can grieve, process out loud, rejoice or struggle when needed is really important in making it through well!

    • Thanks for listening, Crystal! I definitely agree. Processing with people along the way is so important. Good luck with your upcoming transition. I’m looking forward to connecting.

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