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Christine Niles on Moving Forward {Podcast Episode #46}

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My friend Christine joins me on the podcast today. She is a Quitter, a full time writer, and helps coach new writers. She is passionate about writing, orphans and helping others.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • How she recovered her dream of writing
  • How getting up at 5am and hustling helped her prepare to leave corporate America
  • Dreaming is a learning process
  • It was more important to get her words out and stay on a schedule
  • How discipline helped her learn to write every day
  • How she started writing about her adoption story
  • She never thought of herself as an early morning person, but works best then
  • Showing her husband that she was serious about her dream
  • Spouse support is so important
  • Being in your dream together with your spouse
  • Ecclesiates 4:6 “Better is one hand full with tranquility than two hands full with toil and chasing after the wind.”
  • What you’re doing matters. It’s making a difference to you and someone else, whether you see it or not
  • Give yourself some grace
  • Focus on what is going to move you towards your goal
  • We find out limits by going past them
  • Being excited for your friends’ successes
  • Christine’s new book, Eight Essentials: Keys to Success for New Writers
  • The critical part of gaining feedback on your art
  • Being generous and helpful


You can connect with Christine through Twitter or her blog. You can also find her in the My 500 Words Facebook group.

I’m giving away two copies of her book. Leave a comment below to be entered to win.

What lessons have you learned through writing?


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  1. This was one of the best podcasts that I have heard in a while just in general. It sounded like a conversation with friends even though I could tell that you had prepared questions. Love it! Thank you both for taking the time to share this information for new writers/dream seekers. Your story of preparation as a wife was what I needed to hear. We did things backwards and are considering if I should return to a job part time while still pursuing my dream because my husband believes in my ability. there were so many great points (serving others, not trying to be “artistic,” networking, etc.) that I am going to listen again with pen and paper in hand to take notes for all of my “aha” moments. Thanks so much ladies.

  2. Great podcast. Really enjoying the ideas and tips on “no share” writing, getting serious about writing after a series of attempts and failures (showing rather than selling.) This is probably something I need too listen to twice to take notes. Like the part about writing in the margins and preparing to transition from traditional work to a writing life. Good, good stuff.

  3. This was great! I got to know Christine through Tribewriters and we connected through own adoption experiences. Christine’s experiences as a writer show that successful writing takes time, and requires persistence and consistency. I am actually encouraged and more motivated!

  4. I also met Christine through Tribewriters. I have been struggling to find time to write consistently. I need to try getting up earlier and doing it every morning as Christine did.

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