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Ben Arment on Making Dreams Happen {Podcast Episode #45}

ben arment


I loved having Ben Arment on the show. He has been a big inspiration to me over the years, and he provides wise advice for those of us who have big dreams. Ben is the founder of Story Chicago, Dream Year, and author of an upcoming book titled Dream Year.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • His move from being a Pastor to planning world class events
  • How his entrepreneurial tendencies led him to new adventures
  • Story Chicago was a dream he had for more than ten years
  • Every dream has a history
  • It may take boldness in order to see that dream start to surface
  • When you follow your dreams, the first few years are about failing and learning from it
  • People who are the most successful have tried the most, and failed the most
  • Remember WHY you started your dream
  • Desparation is a powerful motivator
  • Dreaming is not easy. It can even be agonizing.
  • Giving up can become a habit
  • Let your story unfold
  • Keep going after your dreams
  • Frustration that compels you to go after your dream is a gift
  • Greenlighting your own dream
  • Being stuck comes out of our clouded priorities
  • Ben’s new book, Dream Year, is coming out in August


You can find Ben on Twitter or Instagram.

I’d love to hear what you learned from this episode. What stuck out to you most?


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  1. Love it! Can’t believe you are already on show 45! Congrats Tammy I love your work!

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