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Michelle Howe on Helping People Finish {Podcast Episode #41}


I really enjoyed having Michelle Howe on the podcast. Michelle is a Leadership Coach, and Mompreneur. She is an authentic woman of God that gives encouragement, enlightenment and empowerment to those around her. She is a partner in I Woke Up Yesterday, and shares hope through daily wake up calls.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Sharing vulnerable wake up calls
  • We’re not promised to see the fruit of our labor
  • Sometimes people in the church are the last ones to support you when you are dreaming
  • People will question your motives. Be prepared
  • Confidently expecting and waiting versus sitting still
  • We are leading others to greatness or to their great destruction
  • Being still is hearing His voice and not just sitting still
  • Create a “why” behind your finish line
  • Produce new things that remind you that “you can”
  • God wants to take our ruins and build something new
  • A new challenge + new evidence = renewed confidence

You can follow Michelle on Twitter, or check out her book here. You can find out more about Weekend of Wins here.

I was really inspired by Michelle’s concept of renewing our confidence.

What is one thing you can do to challenge yourself to something that will help renew your confidence?



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  1. All three from “I Woke Up Yesterday” were good and this one had some pithy reminders. I especially liked her reminder that “I’m choosing to use the tools that I have” as an explanation of her strengths when others question her expertise. Also liked as soon as you cross one finish line, there’s a new start line. Great visual. Interesting conversation.

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