Jenny Price joins me on the podcast today. She has an amazing story of helping people shift their thinking.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • The difference between changing and shifting
  • Freedom is what the three of them share
  • How their business started
  • Investing in a more intentional way
  • Some people don’t want accountability
  • Becoming a John Maxwell certified coach
  • When I choose to understand your heart, I won’t make up things about you
  • Taking action instead of waiting
  • God will not part the waters for us until we put our toes in the water
  • Planning can become a safe place for us, when we really need to be taking action
  • Overcoming obstacles of judgment and misinformation
  • Every relationship doesn’t get to be comfortable at all times
  • Choosing where your influence is most effective
  • The obstacles will be there
  • How much time are you spending figuring it out versus taking the next step
  • Helping shape healthy marriages
  • Everyone can be used

You can find Jenny on Facebook or Twitter. You can learn more about her book, 7 Shifts, or their blog here.

What impacted you about this episode? I’d love to hear.


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