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Ryan Eller joins me on the podcast today. His enthusiasm is contagious! He loves giving hope to dreamers and challenging leaders to step up and live a life of intention. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, and team builder.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Why living with intention is so important
  • Greatness is an act. Excellence is habitual
  • Add “or better” to your goals
  • Don’t fall for the American Idol syndrome
  • How they are helping people live their list
  • Why a bucket list is so important
  • Live engaged and be intentional
  • Focus on time management in order to live your list
  • How you can help others live their list
  • 30 Days to Give – Choosing to Live a More Giving Lifestyle

You can follow Ryan on his website or Twitter. You can also follow the conversations on Twitter with the #liveyourlist hashtag.

Check out this awesome video, where they surprise the first #Liveyourlist winner.