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Why I Still Believe in Marriage

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Why do I still believe in marriage?

Why shouldn’t I?

I’m still married.

I chose to commit my life to another person. No matter what.

I know that even though we go through extremely difficult times, we can work it out.

I’ll be honest. There was a time a few years ago that I wasn’t sure I could believe in marriage anymore. It was too hard. Life was too complicated. We were in the middle of a disaster, and it was the first time I had ever truly considered ending it.

That was a very difficult time for us. We were faced with some tough decisions. The biggest one was, “Will we fight for our marriage?”

I am so thankful that we chose to fight. Was it easy? Absolutely not. I honestly don’t think marriage is ever truly easy. It takes work, because if we slip into a mode of simply coasting through our marriages, we become numb. We take each other for granted. We become comfortable. And that rarely leads to a happy and healthy marriage.

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I still believe in marriage because our marriage is a partnership. My husband and I are a team. We are in this together. I believe in him, and he believes in me. And while we may face difficult times, and life can be overwhelming, we know that we still have each other.

I believe in marriage because it is important. It is important to me that I honor my commitment to my husband. It is important to my kids to have a healthy marriage modeled for them. It is important that we honor the vows we took before God.

I believe in marriage because the world needs examples of marriages that last. It needs to see people who have been married for twenty, thirty, forty years and more. It needs to see people embracing their marriage instead of running from it.

I still believe in marriage because I have seen the healing and growth that happens after troubled times. Marriages become stronger when we stick together and work through our differences and choose to stay married. Our marriage is not the same as it was a few years ago when we had our difficulties. It’s stronger. It’s deeper. And it knows that we made the right choice.

I still believe in marriage because I choose to. I choose to build my spouse up instead of tearing him down. I choose to encourage him to follow his dreams and become the person God created him to be instead of stifling him and asking him to change into someone he’s not. Our attitudes and choices are big contributors to how happy and healthy are marriage is.

I still believe in marriage for hundreds of reasons. I’d love to hear why you believe in it, too.



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  1. Powerful words – thank you.

  2. I still believe in marriage because… well… I could not be more in love with my husband. Not in sports or school or family growing up, did I have a partner and friend like I do in him. We are warriors and pastors and comedians and everything else for each other. Nothing is allowed to separate us, even our own grumpy selves. :)

    We’ve been married 14.5 years and we are better than ever. We are proud.

    Thanks for writing this, Tammy! I’m gonna go link up too now, I think. You’ve inspired me.

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