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2013 Year in Review

2013 was a good year.


I learned so much, and took some pretty big steps out of my comfort zone. I continue to learn how much fun that can be, and how much I grow when I choose to do something that makes me uncomfortable.

I met some incredible people this year. People who have become friends, and helped me grow in so many ways. I am so thankful for the friendships I have been blessed to experience.

One theme became very clear to me this year, which was making a difference right where you are.



The idea of helping people learn to make a difference where they are was something I couldn’t let go. It led me to the biggest step out of my comfort zone that I have taken in a long time, which was producing a podcast.

While it was an incredible learning experience, I also had an absolute blast doing it. Talking to people, and helping to share their amazing ideas, is something that I am extremely passionate about. If you’re interested in checking out the episodes, you can sort by the category Podcast episodes on the right, or you can find them on iTunes. Here are a few of the most popular episodes.

1. Jon Acuff on Starting 

2. Scott Hodge on Art, Creativity and Strategic Readiness

3. Bob Goff on What We Were Made to Do

4. Allison Vesterfelt on Packing Light

5. Mike Foster on Radical Grace and Second Chances

6. Alli Worthington on Business and Love

7. John Crist on Doing the Work

8. Stu McLaren on the Ripple Effect of Community

9. Jody Noland on Leaving Nothing Unsaid

10. Al Andrews on Improbable Philanthropy

I am excited about all new episodes, launching in January. If you have ideas for someone to interview, I would love to hear from you!


My writing suffered some this year due to the podcast and a very busy schedule. In 2014, you will see much more of my writing again. Here are a few posts that were the most popular this year:

1. Choosing to Celebrate

2. I Don’t Want to Talk About This

3. Find the Beauty

4. Average or Awesome. You Decide.

5. 5 Ways to Encourage Your Spouse

6. Living a Life of Improv

7. Your Dream is Important

8. What Was Your First Fear?

9. Stop Chasing

10. Fill it? Or Punch a Hole in it?


I hope 2013 was a good year for you. Take some time to reflect on your year. What went well?  What could you have improved on? What are you working towards in 2014? I am so excited about the upcoming year, and all of the amazing experiences that we can’t envision yet.

I’d love to hear from you. What podcast episode or blog post made a difference to you this year?


As always, THANK YOU! I am so thankful for my amazing readers, and would love to know how I can help encourage you and your goals for 2014.

Happy New Year, friends!






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  1. For me it’s not one specific post or podcast. What has made a difference in my life is meeting you. Your support, advise, inspiration and much more is truly a blessing. I had not been on Jon Acuff’s blog for a little while when I was prompted to and of course that was the day when the Adventure post was up. Little did I know it was going to change my life!

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