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Alli Worthington on Business and Love {Podcast Episode #31}

Screen-Shot-2013-10-10-at-7_49_02-PM I was so excited to have Alli Worthington on the podcast today. Her approach to business, love and life is so inspiring!

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Google is her MBA
  • Combining business and love
  • Every great idea that’s inventive and daring gets laughed at in the beginning
  • The community isn’t dependent on just an event. Keep going!
  • We are all meant to do great things
  • We can do work with meaning
  • Get over the fear that you’re going to make the wrong choice
  • The buses keep coming
  • Focus on loving people and investing in them
  • The Case for Slacker Parenting
  • Working through the “it’s never good enough” mentality
  • Think about making a “stop doing list”
  • Be resourceful
  • We don’t need anyone’s permission to teach ourselves something
  • You feel better when you’re doing work that you can document
  • Monitoring your own behavior is crucial and valuable work
  • When we do work on ourselves that others won’t do, that will be a competitive advantage
  • Alli’s upcoming book

You can connect with Alli on her website, where you can sign up to receive the three ebooks she mentioned. You can also connect with her on Twitter.

There were so many great thoughts in this episode. What impacted you the most?


  1. Thanks Tammy and Alli!

    That was wonderful. So inspiring. I feel like I’m just starting down the path that Alli was on when she first started and it helps to hear real life situations to know that what I’m doing does matter and that my passion can become my business.
    Thanks again!

  2. two amazing woman!
    Life is meant to be well lived and is obtainable in our hearts. Such great ideas on getting it done and dreaming at the same time. Enjoyed every minute of it!

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