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Find the Beauty

There is beauty in your marriage.

Right now, it may be difficult to see.

You may have to search for it.

You may have to get outside of your head, put some new glasses on, and remember what it looks like.

Or, you may know it’s there, but you need to acknowledge it because you take it for granted.

My friend Camilla is an adventurer. She takes amazing pictures like this one. It reminds me that there is beauty even when we feel like we are in the valley, or even if we literally are in the valley.

Photo by Camilla Kragius

Photo by Camilla Kragius

Today, I challenge you to search for the beauty in your marriage. You might just be surprised what you find.

Where have you found hidden beauty in your marriage? Share in the comments.



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  1. Thank you – great reminder. I think I’ll go smooch my hubby right now and let him know I appreciate him.

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