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Fill it? Or Punch a Hole in It?

My son’s teacher has this great idea she uses in the classroom. She encourages the kids to be Bucket Fillers. It’s a concept that was started by Dr. Clifton, who wrote a book titled How Full is Your Bucket?

It’s a simple concept that encourages kids to show compassion, be helpful to others, and encourage their friends. I love this concept! It’s so simple, but the kids really understand it. Here are a few of the cards my son has brought home.



I’m so proud of him for being such a great friend and seeing what makes others unique.

But, this also made me realize that sometimes we punch holes in the buckets of others. Maybe we don’t do it intentionally, but we are all guilty of it. I know I have done it myself, even recently. By choosing to think about myself instead of the other person. By telling myself a silly story in my head that is not true, and then getting irritated with the other person.

There are so many little ways that we punch holes in the buckets of others.

Let’s stop doing it.

Today, when you have a choice to fill someone’s bucket, or to think about yourself and your needs first, let’s fill that person’s bucket instead.

Who’s with me? I’d love to hear stories of how this simple concept applies in your life.









  1. I love that book as it puts choices into perspective. Ken Blanchard has a quote that goes something like – you can put more love into this world or take it out. The choice is yours. I think about that. Sitting in traffic or having your flight canceled – you can be part of the rage problem or you can make the best of it. The choice is yours. I also like Tom Rath’s book called Vital Friends. Again, puts the importance of friendships into perspective. Rath is Clifton’s co-author of the bucket book. Nice post, Tammy, and creative teacher in your son’s classroom.

  2. I like to think of this as a savings account. I put deposits in. Sometimes I have to make withdrawals. I just don’t want to be NSF.

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