I don’t know what it is this year about the clouds, but they have been so mesmerizing to me. I’ve always loved the sky and sunsets, and the awesome paintings God creates. But, this year, clouds continue to catch my attention.

I was on a plane on a beautiful day with crystal blue skies and big, white, puffy clouds. They were amazing. I wish I could have had my phone on five minutes earlier as we were ascending through them, because the view was absolutely stunning. clouds

The pictures never do it justice, unfortunately.

I am continually in awe of God’s beauty. He gives it to us every single day. And most of the time, we miss it.

We walk right past it, or look the other way.

On this day, I couldn’t stop looking at the clouds. They were absolutely breathtaking. I also realized something that I hadn’t thought about before. Clouds are really bright! When you stare directly at these big, white, fluffy clouds, it hurts your eyes. I wasn’t expecting that, and honestly, it caught me off guard. I had to look away for a few seconds.

It reminded me of a scene in the book, The Shack, where Mack is shown how people are all unique. Each of these clouds were really unique, and I think it applies to us as well. Here’s an excerpt that I love.

“Makenzie, the pattern of color and light is unique to each person; no two are alike and no pattern is ever the same twice. Here, we are able to see one another truly, and part of seeing means that individual personality and emotion are visible in color and light.”

I love that description of how we are all unique. It is such a beautiful way to describe our unique wiring and gifts, and it also applies to the amazing patterns and images of clouds.

We are having a beautiful fall this year. I love this time of year, and the bright color changes. When I saw this tree recently, it reminded me of how the different colors are very similar to change in our lives. Red, yellow, and green colors are present at the same time. While it doesn’t hurt your eyes, it is also incredibly beautiful.


It reminds me to stop and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. We just need to notice it.



Where do you find beauty in the everyday?