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The Power of Now


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Has this ever happened to you?

You hear a song that you’ve heard hundreds of times before, but suddenly hear a completely new message.

The lyrics take on a new meaning, and you know it was meant for you to hear right then. In that exact moment.

This has happened to me many times. I know why it’s happening, but honestly, it still blows me away. It happened in a big, stop everything I was doing way this morning.

I have listened to Phil Wickham for years. I’ve heard his song, The Time is Now, so many times.

But, today, the lyrics spoke directly to my soul.

They were answers to questions I’ve been asking.

Answers that my heart and soul know are right.

Answers that I have prayed diligently about, but that my stubborn mind and need for control continue to try to sabotage.

I don’t know what you’re facing today, but I know very clearly that the time is NOW. There is power in that word. It’s honestly all we really have. It’s all we’re guaranteed. Now.

I hope these lyrics encourage you today. I’d love to hear what you’re being prompted to do right now.


“The Time Is Now”

by Phil Wickham

The battle line is drawn it’s all in black and white

Hope is going forward and fear from behind

It’s time

It’s time to make a move, so what will you decide?

The clock is ticking on, don’t let it pass you by

It’s time

It’s time

The time is now for lifting souls

The time is now for letting go

From your skin to your core

Let light and love come rushing through the door



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