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Bryan Allain on The Importance of Connections {Podcast Episode #23}



Bryan Allain joins me on the podcast today. He has been an inspiration to me, and I am excited about sharing this interview with you. He’s been blogging since 2002, and has some great advice for all of us about moving in the direction we need to go.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • On the bad days, his job was soul sucking
  • Hustling in the margins for years
  • The importance of connections, and treating them with respect
  • He couldn’t seem to get away from trying to be funny, so he decided to own it
  • The most important thing is to start moving
  • The direction is so much more important than the destination
  • Your effort doesn’t scale linearly
  • Learning to navigate the pressure of making money while doing what you love
  • Feeling like your hair is on fire from the pressure
  • Continuing to dream while living your dream
  • You can’t predict where you will be in 6 months or a year
  • Learning who you are and what you need to let go of
  • Not being motivated by fear of failure
  • Respect and cultivate relationships
  • Make connections in every direction (up, down and sideways)
  • Rise together with your peers

You can find Bryan at his website, or on Twitter. You can find out more about CrowdScribed here.

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What did you enjoy about Bryan’s episode?



  1. Great podcast Tammy! I like reading Bryan, he’s so funny!

  2. Bryan – I had the same start as you…Engineering. Luckily it taught me about systems and structure, which work really well in almost any career. I loved hearing about your past and your tips. Thank you!

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