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Feel Like You’ve Missed the Bus?


Alli sharing her heart at the START Conference
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When we start dreaming again, our eyes are open wide. We suddenly see all of the endless possibilities. And sometimes, it scares us.

How can we possibly choose what to do next?’   What is the ONE thing we are supposed to do?

What if we have missed our chance?

These are questions I’ve asked myself in the past. I thought of them again recently when I attended Jon Acuff’s START conference in Nashville.  

I love hearing stories of people dreaming and living life differently. Online business coach Alli Worthington is one of those people who inspires me to act on my dreams.

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  1. I like it, Tammy. It seems dreaming creates hope and a fresh start. It’s essential. I like what one Canadian counselor has been quoted with: “It’s never too late to redeem the rest of your life.” I see that as pure hope.

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