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Life begins right where you are.

YOU are here

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You are here for a reason.

Who you are becoming is so important.

It’s not just about the dream that you have.

It’s about how you are changing, and who you are becoming.

Today’s post is about YOU.

Let me know what you are celebrating.

Let me know what you are frustrated about.

Let me know how I can encourage you, or celebrate with you today.

Ready, set, GO!



  1. Tammy, I love your heart! I’m still celebrating the chance to recently have my family together again. And I’m needing to remind myself that it isn’t time for my hubby’s deployment yet and to be grateful for this time we still have together. Today I will celebrate you too! Your words always encourage.

  2. Great post Tammy! Thanks!! I just received word about a very exciting interview (I do a series of 4 Question interviews with authors) for my blog. I mean, I danced for 30 minutes by myself after I found out!! ha! It’s crazy little things like this that remind me of the blessings in following our passions! How about you?!

  3. “I want it yesterday.” I relate to those words! I’m excited for you and the journey you are on. Being out of debt is amazing. Congratulations!!

  4. Hi Tammy! I’m celebrating that I received actual physical copies of my book yesterday! Faith Powered Profession – I’m going to send you an email about it! And I’m celebrating how encouraging you are :) thanks for the chance to share good news with you!

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