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Learning to Harvest Effort

Photo credit: Creative Commons (Robert Photographics)

Photo credit: Creative Commons (Robert Photographics)

I just finished reading Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden. I have heard him speak on multiple podcast episodes, and really like his concept of working hard to chase your dream and realizing that it won’t be easy.

One section really stuck out to me, as it is something I see happen to so many well-intentioned people, including me. Here are a few quotes.

“Improving your self discipline, then, happens not only from creating a good schedule but also from learning to recover from getting off schedule.”

“Too many people get upset or discouraged because they focus on results that are not within their control. In other words, they let their sense of self-worth be defined by outcomes rather than effort, so that when they don’t experience overnight success, or they get off track, they start to disregard their schedule.”

“Part of adopting the Take the Stairs mind-set is learning to take pride in controlling the activities that are within your power and to let go of the worry and fear attached to the results that are not.”

“You always get paid for how hard you work, but it’s not always right away.”

“Get relentless about putting your self-esteem into your work habits instead of your results.”

“Stay focused on initiating a harvest season of work habits.”

Wow. Wasn’t that great advice? I have already shared it with multiple people this week in discussions about being frustrated. We all tend to get stuck in wanting our success to happen overnight. We get stuck in the comparison trap and forget how we have been disciplined and making slow but steady progress.

My encouragement for you today is to take some time to celebrate the harvest of good work habits that you have been following. Have you been exercising more regularly? Getting up early to write? Spending more intentional time with your family?

Celebrate that, and know that steady and consistent work habits will always pay off in the end.

Have you ever been frustrated what appeared to be a lack of results? How did you overcome?


  1. This is great Tammy! This has been a crazy year for us with unexpected trips and illnesses and deaths even. It really has thrown my exercise and eating habits out of whack and I’ve been so discouraged. But, I HAVE been getting up early every morning to work on my dreams. I need to allow that success to encourage me carry over into other areas of my life.

  2. I’m in a season of being frustrated over lack of results, so this really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I’m a bit stuck in everything – dealing with marriage, the kids, my faith, my art. I feel paralyzed that I can not take the next step forward. It is suffocating to say the least. But still there is a glimmer of optimism in there. So I guess it is time to let it shine. Love this advice and really value it!

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