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Why is Finding Your Dream so hard?



We have decided we want to live differently. We’re learning to dream again. We’re remembering that there is SO much more to life than being ordinary.

But many of us don’t have a defined dream. We have no idea where to start or how to figure it out.

I have been there. It’s taken a while of walking through living differently in order for me to start seeing patterns emerging.

That’s why I hosted a Find Your Dream webinar with my friend, Jim Woods. We know that you are made for something amazing, and we want to help you start putting some of those pieces together.

Here is the link to the recording! We had some trouble recording the very beginning, but you only missed the introductions. Enjoy!



  1. Can’t wait!!! So excited to do this!

  2. So bummed! Have 3D meeting I cannot miss. Thanks for doing this and will you record it?

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