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Andy Traub on If He Can Do It, You Can Too {Podcast Episode #12}


Andy Traub joins me on the podcast today. His story has inspired me, and I think it will encourage you too. He is a business owner, and recently had great success with his book, Early to Rise. He was able to get his family out of debt, and they recently had their Debt Free Scream on the Dave Ramsey show. He is a true example of working hard and making his dreams happen.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Don’t expect your original plan to stay the same
  • The time it takes to become an expert is less than you think
  • Try something. If it fails, then you’ll know not to do it again
  • If he can do it, you can too!
  • Use the right tools, and try!
  • There is power in engagement
  • It can work, but you have to put yourself out there
  • If you have something that can empower and help someone, do it

You can sign up for the Early to Rise for Moms insider list here. You can also hear more about his upcoming self publishing system here, or follow him on Twitter here.

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  1. Love this. Great podcast episode. Thanks to both Tammy and Andy for doing it!

  2. This made me want to have Andy on the Read to Lead Podcast. I had a chance to meet Andy at Jeff Goins’ book launch party (we sat at the same table) and I really enjoyed getting to know him a little bit.

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