Stu McLaren joins me on the podcast today. Stu is the founder of Wishlist Member. He is incredibly inspiring, and so humble. His words are very encouraging, and I am excited to hear what you take away from this episode.

On this episode we talk about:

  • Focus on the ONE person you can impact
  • There is a big ripple effect when in community
  • Listen to your gut instinct
  • Make something out of nothing
  • Take a step in a direction
  • Start with your interest, and explore it a little deeper
  • There is a far greater risk in NOT doing anything than taking the first step
  • Don’t get discouraged. SOMEONE has a passion for what you do
  • When I learn from others, it helps me get better
  • When you have good people, do whatever you can to keep them

You can check out his Fear post here. You can find Stu on his website or on Twitter.

You can find the Wishlist Members he referenced here:

Stronger Families




There was so much wisdom in Stu’s words. What stuck out to you?