I loved hosting John Crist on the podcast. He literally cracks me up! I love his story of doing the hard work, putting in countless hours, and constantly improving his craft.

I met him at Start night in Nashville earlier this year, and he has inspired me with his work ethic and willingness to continually ask for feedback. John travels all over the country, and you can check out his tour schedule here. You will not regret catching one of his shows.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Take a risk and do something now to help you step towards your dream
  • We are our biggest obstacles
  • Once you get constructive feedback from people you don’t know, you will know you’re on the right track
  • If your purpose is bigger than anyone’s hate for you, you’re all set
  • If John can still bomb jokes when he does this for a living, it should be encouraging to everyone
  • It’s about giving laughs, not getting laughs
  • If you take yourself out of the equation and make it about others, you win
  • When you do something terrible, follow it up with something that works
  • The barriers to entry are ridiculously low. Start tonight!
  • We are all in this together. Let’s support each other!

You can find John on his website here or on Twitter here. Check out this video.

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