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Jeremy Statton on Living A Better Story {Podcast Episode #05}



Jeremy Statton joins me today on the podcast. He is a surgeon, husband, father of six (yes, you read that right!), writer, and an incredibly inspiring person.

We talk about:

  • Living with intention to live a better story
  • “The point of life isn’t to arrive at death safely.” Christine Caine
  • We all have challenges
  • Real love is continuing to show up, even when it is not reciprocated
  • We’re all busy. It’s about how we choose to spend our time
  • Quitting stuff that doesn’t matter, so you can do things that do matter
  • Daily choices and the little things really matter
  • The Stattons’ next big adventure
  • Do something you’re scared of

You can find Jeremy here:




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  1. Brock Webster

    July 16, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    Another amazimg job, I think the podcast are a thing of the future for bloggers. it is a nice change of pace. You are a trail blazzer.

  2. Tammy these are great, I hope to appear on your podcast in the future as I am in the process of a life change – love them and so inspirational – thank you

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