Tammy Helfrich

Life begins right where you are.

Did you miss it?

Beauty is all around us.

But, sometimes it is hidden in things we don’t expect.


Maybe it looks like a weed.

But did you really look at it?

Did you get close to it?

When you get close to it, you may be surprised to see the beauty.


The beauty was always there.

We just chose not to see it. We ignored it, because we thought it was something unwanted and ugly.

Beauty is all around us every day.

In our home, in our neighborhood, in our workplace, and in nature.

Will we choose to see it?

Or will we continue to keep missing it?


  1. So true, Tammy. A great reminder. I choose to see the beauty!

  2. Brock Webster

    July 11, 2013 at 8:26 am

    If beauty is weeds, I have a lot o beauty in my yard/flowerbeds!!! lol Great post and yes somethimes beauty is found in the unepxected places!! You are an awesome person!! Keep encouraging!!

  3. I like the Sixpence None The Richer album This Beautiful Mess. Kind of how I’ve always viewed some weeds and my life.

  4. What a great perspective shift Tammy. Beauty truly is all around us…thank you!

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