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It’s going to be messy

Courage always gets you dirty. You have to be in the middle of the action to create action. ~ Dave Ramsey

Many of us prefer to be clean. We like manicured lawns, and tidy homes. We don’t like messes, and we don’t like to be dirty. Clean, polished, and put together. That’s what so many people prefer. Even if it’s only on the surface. Even if it’s only a façade.

I’ll be honest. That’s what I have wanted for a long time in many areas of my life, too. But do you know what I am learning?

Life is messy!

If you are honest, you have likely realized that perfection is a myth. Yes, we strive for it sometimes. But, honestly, it doesn’t exist.

I believe many of us are afraid of being messy. It’s hard work. It’s often difficult to take time to get to know someone and learn about their mess. Heck, it’s hard to deal with our own messes! Sometimes that mess is in our heads. Other times, it is very real. It could be our marriage, an addiction, family relationships or a past we can’t let go of.

Why do we shy away from getting dirty and actually doing the work?

Because it’s hard work.

It’s much easier to pretend that everything is okay.

To live in the safe world of denial.

When we fail to see our own messes, we are blinded to the hurt in others. Have you ever thought about that? How can we possibly help others through their messes when we do not admit or deal with our own mess?

But courage is something different. Courage says, “let’s get dirty.” Let’s start something. Let’s create some action!

Where have you had the courage to get messy? Share in the comments.



  1. Brock Webster

    June 25, 2013 at 8:33 am

    I did not get messy but I did get courage. I left UPS to follow God full-time and it was the BEST thing I have done. I have gotten “Messy” but everytime I do God is there to clean me off!!

  2. I’m finding my life getting messier. I used to want it to be “clean” but I’m finding The Lord shows up in the messy places.

  3. This is good —>”When we fail to see our own messes, we are blinded to the hurt in others.” Life feels really messy right now and I’m learning to be okay with that.

  4. There is something about knowing and owning our mess, it gives God permission like Larry Carter said to show up in our messy places…and even in the midst of our own dirt He declares over us that we are clean but it is in embracing the mess that we are declared clean.

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