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Five Minute Friday: Fall

I’m joining in with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday today. You can see the details, and join in here.

Today’s prompt is fall.


That’s what boys do. From the moment they begin to explore on their own, they fall. I remember so many times of trying to catch them from falling. Doing everything I could to keep them safe. That’s what we want to do as parents.

Photo credit: Creative Commons (zazie_)

Photo credit: Creative Commons (zazie_)

This week, my nine year old had a very hard fall. On his face. I wasn’t with him when it happened, but as I have pieced together what took place, I cannot imagine the pain that he felt when it happened. This one was the most serious so far. And it was stressful before we knew that he was okay.

This experience reminded me that when we fall, we get back up. We don’t stay down. We keep fighting. It may be painful, but we push through and keep moving forward.

It reminded me that when you ask God to give you strength and peace during a stressful situation, He will. I am forever grateful for that.

And, it reminded me of the power of friends and community. When we are hurting and other people surround us with prayer and encouraging texts and calls, it is powerful.

This week’s fall was rough in our household, but we are thankful for new days and healing after the fall.





  1. oh yes, Tammy, to family, friends, community … and the cords of love that sweetly bind us to each other!

  2. Tammy –
    Thanks so much for sharing. We have had our share of falls, both literal and figurative, in our household as well. Praise God for friends who surround and for his unlimited healing power, even when he heals in ways we were not expecting!

    Sarah (visiting from FMF)

  3. Yes, I am so thankful that He gives us the strength and the peace to keep going after a fall.

  4. So grateful for the strength He provides to pick us up after a fall. And, yes, such power in friends and community. It’s rather new for me to say that which makes me thankful for how God has opened my eyes. I look forward to our graffiti summer journey together. I noticed you are in Illinois. So am I! (near Chicago)

  5. Dear Tammy
    I brought up two boys and I totally agree! I was always concerned that people might think that I was an irresponsible mom for mine always looked like war veterans.
    Happy FMF

  6. Great post, Tammy. My two boys are grown now but I know exactly how you felt this week; been there many times. As for the less literal falls, I was there myself this week. I especially needed to hear these two things: “It may be painful, but we push through and keep moving forward” and “It reminded me that when you ask God to give you strength and peace during a stressful situation, He will.” Thank you.

  7. Amy L. Sullivan

    June 8, 2013 at 5:05 am

    Hey Tammy!
    I hopped over from Alene’s place! I love posts about community and friends lifting us up when we just can’t seem to lift ourselves.

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