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One question

I just finished an amazing book titled Captivating by John & Staci Eldridge. I will be writing more about the book later, as there were so many great nuggets of wisdom to share. And for the men, they have a similar book titled Wild at Heart, which I’ve heard is also great.

One question in the book continues to come to me over and over.


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to witness a profound example of this. I am involved with a local organization, Triple Threat Mentoring, that was started five years ago by my friends, Caleb and Julie Luper. They were asking themselves the same question. The answer they heard was the destinies of the underresourced youth of our community, right here in Aurora. They took action. They started Triple Threat. And they are changing lives because of that decision.

I’ve loved the mission of the organization. I love interacting with the kids, and making a difference. I love how Triple Threat has done such a great job of helping kids feel empowered. But, hearing this story forever changed the way I will look at these kids and how important this organization is. Theresa is a mom who has seen the impact of Triple Threat on her son’s life. She shared her story for the first time at a United Way breakfast celebration. I’d love it if you’d take a few minutes to watch this video and hear her story.

If you are feeling the tug, or the urge, or the draw (however you want to say it) to do something unique and different, take some time digesting the words in the question above.

YOU can make a difference.

I truly believe it.






  1. Yeah, if I ask that question, I might get an answer.

  2. I love Wild at Heart! Great book!

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