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Life begins right where you are.

Bloom where you’re planted



Is the average life more painful than the extraordinary one?

What risk are you being prompted to take?

I’d love to encourage you!


  1. I need to move to a self-hosted blog.

  2. Short and powerful, great post! Finishing my book is one I’m working on.

  3. Awesome! Those are great. Look forward to reading it.

  4. whoah Dan. The topic of nourishing ourselves through different seasons of life sounds fascinating! I clicked on the link you posted in your comment, but it did not work. Can you repost?

  5. Oh man. I struggle with the “bloom where you are planted” phrase because I having a really tough time where I am planted right now. A couple weeks ago, you posted a similar thought on my blog and I cringed… just because I know there is truth to this. Do you have a recommendation on how to identify when it is time to bloom where you are planted and when it is more healthy to uproot and “re-plant”? I feel like I have tried to bloom where I am planted, but I am receiving no water or nourishment, so the real me is dying. As a result, I am withered and reclusive. Do you have thoughts on this?

    • I know your struggle! I have been through those seasons where I really struggle to know if what I am doing is what I am supposed to be doing, and staying put or choosing to move on. I read a great book called “The Seed” by Jon Gordon. It was somewhat of a prompt for this post, as well as the quote above. I would love to talk to you more about the situation, and offer any suggestions. I guess the biggest learning I’ve had over the last few years is that you can make a difference wherever you are. Sometimes we aren’t in the best situations, but our attitudes and choices are always ours. It doesn’t mean we have to stay stuck, but it does mean we can make the most of where we are until the time comes to replant. I’ll send you a note so we can connect!

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