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Book Giveaway: 20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith

Do you know how many days you have been alive?

Today is day 15,083 for me.

Wow. That really makes me think when I see that number.

I recently started following Robert D. Smith after seeing him interview multiple people for his book release. I liked his message immediately, as it is how I am trying to live my life.  His enthusiasm is incredibly contagious, and his zest for life is inspiring! I was honored to meet him briefly at Jon Acuff’s Start night, and I was excited to read his book. I won two signed copies, so I am thrilled to be able to offer one to my readers.


Here’s an overview of the book from the back cover:

Most people measure their lives in years. But how would our thought process change if we measured our lives in days? On the 20,000th day of his life, Robert D. Smith decided to put this concept to the test. He spent the next 48 hours planning his next 20,000 days – and walked away with life-changing information.

Through a combination of captivating storytelling and step-by-step instructions, Smith reveals a simple plan that will allow you to master your life, starting right now.

Living life to its fullest daily is a theme that continues to resonate with me. Some days, it is easier than others. But, I am determined to make it a habit in my life.

Let me know why you’d love to read this book in the comments below.




  1. I’ve lived 15,112 days so far, and I’d love to read his thoughts on living to 20,000 and beyond!

  2. I was intrigued after hearing his interview on EntreLeadership podcast. After learning you could plug a past date into the countdown widgets, that’s exactly what I did. I’m on day 12,828! This is an awesome reminder of how valuable EVERY day is!

    What will I do different my next 12,000 days???

  3. This concept is something that really resonates with me too. I have 4 young boys at home and have found it difficult to stay present and engaged most days. Would love some inspiration around how to live each day fully instead of always feeling like I am just surviving (though I get that SOME days may just feel that way).

  4. I’ve wanted to read this one for a while, mainly because I don’t want to waste any more days.

  5. I’ve studied a lot of plans to help me change my life. Most are overly complex, or don’t have the sticking power to really get me to change. Robert’s book sounds different. It’s concise, step-by-step, and (from what I hear) doesn’t have all the fluff that fills up other similar books.

    I’d love to read this book because I am ALL about actionable methods and getting results. I know I could apply this method and see some serious change, and I’m pretty excited about that.

  6. Like you Tammy I added this book to my ever growing list to get after hearing and reading interviews with Robert. I want to read it to find out what he changed and what I can implement also. I am In a season of learning and editing. I want every day to count.

  7. This book is on my wish list. I love that it’s a creative twist on a common problem. Thanks for sharing!

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